IFSEC announces product awards

Thank goodness I'm not in Birmingham (I won't go into my distaste for the particular location, as I think it's well documented), but IFSEC manages to soldier on without me somehow. If interesting news crosses my email box, I'll convey it, however, and here's the rundown of their product awards. They smartly don't mention how many product were entered in each category and keep it purposely vague on how winners were chosen, so there's not much I can say about this. So, here you go: • TAB Systems for Smarti Guardeon won Access Control Product of the year (including biometrics) • Briefcam for BriefCam VS Online won CCTV System of the year (excluding cameras and lens) • Panasonic System Networks Europe for WV-CP500 won CCTV Camera Equipment of the year • SafelinQ UK Ltd for QlinQ won Communication Product of the year • Dedicated Micros for Closed IP TV won Integrated Security Product of the year (A brief chime in here: What's "closed IP TV?" Is that a play on words to denote a hybrid solution? Like CCTV+IP = Closed IP TV? If so, I dislike that very much. Also, what's an "integrated security product?") • Hymatom from Moviwall for Intruder Alarm or Exterior Deterrent Product of the year (Again with disliking verbiage here: Hymatom? That's a product name? Holy smokes!) • Frontier Pitts for Terra Mount Blocker for Physical Security Product of the year For fun, this is what a Terra Mount Blocker looks like: That looks pretty bad-ass. Moving on... • DVTel for South African Airports won Security Project or Security Installation of the year I guess it makes sense that the South African airports would significantly upgrade, what with the World Cup coming there and all. The whole list seems sort of random, though, I have to say.


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