I'm back (with good news)

Hopefully everyone had a sunnier week's vacation than I had last week, or at least didn't work very hard and generally slacked off in anticipation of the Fourth of July, the hands-down best holiday of the year. Unfortunately, our local fireworks display was cancelled because it's been so rainy that the farmer who puts on the display couldn't hay his field and thus couldn't charge people $5 a whack to park on the field. So they're doing the Fourth of July on July 25 in Industry, Maine. Which is kind of par for the course for Industry, Maine. The only store there is called the Ugly Moose. Anyway, you don't care about any of that. You want to know what the good news is. Well, the good news is that our Web site is now 100 percent open for viewing - no longer is a registration required, with the entering of the stupid subscription number, etc. You can search. You can look at back issues. You can look at the current content in the different industry sections. It's a brand-new world. And, yes, of course it's only temporary. We're working to figure out what's most important about the site, what you'll find most valuable, and then we'll lock it behind a gate and make you (maybe) pay for it. Or not. We're still kind of not sure about what exactly we're going to do. But be sure that all of this content goodness will not be freely available forever. But the good news remains. Logging in is no longer a pain in the butt. Yay for us.


We missed you. Welcome back.