I'm not sure if this is funny or sad

It's happened again. A burglar was dumb enough to break into a security company's showroom and offices. Ha, ha. The company, HomeLogic, manufactures IP monitoring software for all manner of home control items, including security and cameras that record on motion. So, it's not surprising they caught a bunch of video of the intruder, who kicked in the door at 3 a.m. and stole "a package that is used by the company to demonstrate the key features of their products to potential customers." Bet that was a good score, right? Later, this arch criminal was found sleeping by the side of the road and arrested. This would be funny (and still is, kind of) if it made any sense. What manner of desperation must this guy have been going through, at age 21, to kick in the door of some random business at 3 a.m. and steal something/anything that might have been of some value? What drugs was he on? Is he homeless? How? It's one thing if you catch someone who's, like, a professional burglar or something, or some organized retail theft types, but it's hard to cheer when some kid is going to the clink when he can't even find the wherewithal to get a roof over his head. Sorry to be a downer. Here's the video, which at least proves HomeLogic's stuff works. Okay, actually, it's pretty funny how long it takes him to knock the door down...