I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often...

There's an interesting story out of Pennsylvania about a former security tech (ignore the headline - he wasn't a guard - another lesson about the arcane way that daily newspapers have copy editors write headlines who don't understand the story) who went on a drunken robbery spree of facilities in which he'd done installations. Frankly, I'm shocked this doesn't happen more often. Considering that many techs make somewhere in the $12 an hour range and there's considerable turnover, I'm surprised this isn't a more frequent black eye for the industry. It's why I'm also shocked that the ESA's call for a mandatory background check for the industry isn't a slam dunk. This is pretty clearly sensitive information and access we're giving these techs and installers and it's sort of imperative we know to whom exactly we're endowing this trust. Now, with that serious stuff out of the way, maybe we could pick on this guy a little bit? First of all, he committed 46 burglaries and only scored $40,000 worth of cash and property? Um, does this guy not understand risk/reward very well or what? That's a pretty pathetic return on his investment of effort, with less than $1,000 per break in. Dude, you've got access to commercial businesses all over the place - you need to think a little bit bigger! Stealing coins out of vending machines? I'm guessing that's not worth 15-30 in the jailhouse. This is probably my favorite part:
Defense lawyer James P. Lyons said Mack is remorseful. "This is a complete aberration," said Lyons, indicating Mack has no prior criminal record. "He had an issue with alcohol and other personal things going on in his life that may have played a role. He was intoxicated when the majority of the crimes occurred." "He made really poor decisions. He doesn't understand himself why he did this. It's completely out of character," Lyons added.
I love how the lawyer hedges his bets: "that may have played a role." So, his drinking and personal issues only may have played a role in his 46 burglaries? But maybe not? Also, the no criminal record part matters a little bit more when it's a one-time deal. This guy was on a nine-month spree! He's never been a criminal before - except for this one nine-month period where he broke into 40 different places! I swear!


I had this happen to me when I ran an alarm company. Luckily, the tech only managed a couple of burglaries before he got caught and ended up in the slammer. The compulsary background check showed no prior history.

Happened in CT 15 years ago.  Salesman from nationally known residential company worked like this.  Quote a resi, go back rip them off, if he did not get the deal.  Wonder how many deals he closed on follow up after the B&E. Had a career going.

Only this time, customer had installed Sonitrol audio detection system.  Our operator heard the break and dispatched.  Police apprehended the guy at the scene, and items in his car  lead them to a second hand shop in a town nearby.  Turns out the guy not only stole the stuff, but sold the swag at his own shop.  Vertically integrated enterprise.