Inaugural CSAA Security Trends Survey results are in. Where are you getting your revenues from?



I got an email from CSAA VP of marketing and programs Celia Besore yesterday. Looks like the results of the CSAA’s first Security Trends Survey are in and ready to be acquired, digested and utilized by y’all.

From Celia’s email:

The monthly survey showed some interesting results for April and May and should become a valuable benchmarking and forecasting tool for your business going forward.

The first installment of the survey is 31 pages of industry-specific data designed to help you run your business more efficiently and smartly.

Celia makes clear in her email the fact that in order for this survey to continue to deliver the goods–good goods, worthwhile goods, timely and informative goods–you all need to participate!

Remember, the goal of the short online survey is to deliver real-time insights to CSAA members on a monthly basis. In order to continue to improve this product, we are looking to get increased participation in the coming months. Don’t miss out on future opportunities to participate in this valuable tool. 

If you’re interested in pitching in and helping to create this valuable tool going forward, please email Celia or give her a call at 703-242-4670, Ext. 16.

In other CSAA news, CSAA’s book, “A Practical Guide to Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems–4th Edition” is out now and available for purchase. You can obtain your copy either through contacting Celia (seriously, is there anything that woman DOESN’T do?) at the above number or email, or through this order form.