Indian company wants you to outsource your managed services

My fearless editor Sam sent the link for a company he'd stumbled across called Hi-Tech CCTV Monitoring to me the other day. My first thought was, "Cool, another managed services company I can report on." Then, upon investigating the site, I realized that they were based in India. I don't cover the security industry in India, so I put the link away and relegated my initial curiosity to the back burner. Then I realized, "Wait a minute... Their business model is to try and get U.S. security companies to outsource their managed services, specifically Video-as-a-Service, to India where cost savings is a huge selling point. VaaS is something I'm interested in, and have written about for SSN before. From the section of Hi-Tech's site called "Why Outsourcing Business to India":
Outsourcing businesses to India enables global business to effectively contain the expenses associated with handling non-core functions and concentrate their resources in other areas. Clients will not have to spend any more on advanced tools and skilled workforce to fulfill their needs. Outsourcing to India implies the best in quality and cost savings.
Well, it seems like every time I need to call someone, some creditor or service provider, I end up speaking with someone in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, so maybe this is just the way things are going, and security is sure to follow suit. However, I have to imagine that U.S. security companies offering VaaS have something to say about this. I'd love to hear from anyone with an opinion on the matter. I've tried to contact Hi-Tech via their online job quote form, as well as through direct email, but have yet to hear back from them. Again, I'd love some feed back on this trend.