Integrator weighs in on estate tax

I'm not exactly sure where I stand in the estate tax debate. Part of me thinks you can just tax plan the right way and avoid it, so who cares; part of me thinks its an archaic throw-back to anti-bourgeoisie Revolution-era thinking; part of me thinks the government has to raise money somehow; part of me is pretty sure I'll never have to worry about it, considering the $3.5 million exception, so why spend time thinking about it; and part of me thinks it's not good for small business, where personal tax returns double as business returns and it doesn't take a large business to trigger the tax. Anyway, my opinions matter little on the subject. What's cool is that RFI Enterprises owner Larry Reece had an anti-Estate Tax op-ed in the Mercury News this week, showing thought leadership in his business community. I love it when security execs take an active role in the local and national conversation, and he's got a good story about starting his business at the kitchen table. It's worth a read regardless of your position on the matter.