IP camera transmits images from Chilean miner rescue


I got an interesting email this morning from VIVOTEK, manufacturers of IP cameras—who were at our TechSec Solutions Conference last year—that I thought you might be interested in, especially if you followed the recent rescue of the Chilean miners.

Seems it was a VIVOTEK fixed dome network camera that was attached to the rescue capsule. The camera helped the rescuers aboveground see what was going on around the capsule as they manuevered the capsule to rescue the miners.

Here's a link to their press release, where you can find more links to video clips. The cllips are interesting, though those of you in TVLand have probably seen them over and over already. I hadn't, due to the fact that we don't have a TV at home, [according to my teenagers, we're the only ones in America] so I only read about these things until someone actually sends me a link to a video clip. 

And here's a statement from VIVOTEK:

People around the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief with the news that the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean mine workers has been a complete success. The greatest share of the accolades must, of course, go to the courageous miners and their anxious families, as well as the ingenuity of the engineers who quickly designed and built the transport capsule used to extract the workers from deep underground. However, it is also worth noting that VIVOTEK played an important role in this dramatic operation. By affixing an FD8134 fixed dome network camera to the rescue capsule, this integral piece of equipment was able to provide operators working at a ground level with a clear, real-time view of the conditions in and around the capsule as it made its descent to retrieve each miner and subsequently return to the surface. With its superb HD video quality and compact size, the FD8134 was the perfect choice, and the successful rescue and camera feed was broadcast in media around the world, including BBC and CNN. VIVOTEK is proud to have done its part to bring this amazing rescue effort to a happy conclusion and wish all of the miners best of luck.