iPhone storage calculator

You remember SightMind and Steve Weller? Well, that blog doesn't seem to be coming along much, but Weller's been busy on other stuff, too. He sent me a link today to a new iPhone/iPod app he's created that's a storage calculator for IP video installations. Check it out. Called the IPVS Calc, it does basically what you would expect: It figures out how much storage you'll need for whatever amount of cameras at whatever frame rate and image quality you need. Looks pretty handy, actually. And, of course, it looks slick, too. I think this would be particularly useful in the initial consulting stage where you can set expectations quickly for the customer. If he's talking about a thousand cameras recording 24/7, you can quickly figure out the size of the server farm he's going to need to invest in. Actually, maybe that's a bad idea. As soon as the end user sees he'll need a petabyte, he might reconsider buying those 1000 cameras... Anyway, it's available at the App store for $34.99, which is pretty reasonable, actually. Just search IPVS in iTunes and it's the only thing that comes up. Of course, all the analytics vendors will tell you this isn't necessary anymore because they're handy-dandy analytics will make it so you store way, way less and you can manage your storage, etc. But that's a different conversation.


34.99! think he needs to bring it down about 34 bucks ;)