Off to ISC East

There's a strange vibe to ISC East already this year. While there was much speculation that ISC East might be a bigger show this year, since people on the east coast with trimmed travel budgets wouldn't want to hit either Las Vegas for ISC West or Anaheim for ASIS, I haven't exactly picked up on increased activity for what's probably the third-largest security show in the U.S. First of all, the requests for visits are way down. I was contacted by maybe 20 people this year, vs. at least 50 last year and a good solid 200 for ASIS in September. It seems like no high-level executives are coming from the major manufacturers unless they're New York-based, just regional sales people to man the booths. As for the attendees, I've been booking integrators and installers for video interviews for the past two weeks and striking out with a lot of people. Siemens' Carey Boethel is going, but just about no one else. Diebold has someone coming Thursday that I'm interviewing, but it looks like they're sending a small contingent, even with them having a New York office from the Antar-Com acquisition. PSA's annual convention ends today, so I'm guessing people aren't coming back from St. Thomas to attend the show, which will keep the heads of more than a few of the mid-sized integrators from attending. I know Jim Henry's there - he answers email even in St. Thomas. That's a man dedicated to getting back to people. Further, with ESX having been in Baltimore in June, I wonder if we'll have the same throng of alarm guys from the NY, NJ, PA, MA, DE, MD, CT region. Maybe they've seen the people they need to see for the year from their various manufacturers? It's hard to know, obviously, but I'll get you reports from each day. Here's what I've got on tap: Wed.: I've got a pretty solid schedule today, just about completely full, though a lot of these meetings were actually set up back when I couldn't see people at ASIS. • Ray Dean to talk about what Niscayah's seeing in the market • Doug Curtiss to talk about how the Sonitrol franchises are doing • Steve Walin to talk about GVI | Samsung going private • Ed Nichols to talk about what's coming up for ISC West (can't start too early) • Leon Chlimper to talk about new plans from Deister, which got its start in pigeon racing, apparently. Who knew? • Fredrik Nilsson to talk about how Axis is adapting to new competition • Judy Jones to talk about Napco's success with the iSee product line • Ricardo Chen to talk about Canon's new initiatives in security Then I'm going to the Tri-Association Awards Dinner, which is "black-tie optional," so I brought a white shirt and a black tie to wear with my black suit (sort of a dark charcoal, actually). I don't own a tux. Will I be over-dressed or under-dressed, that's the question. (That was a little Hamlet reference there for you - Martha's attending Jude Law's Hamlet performance tonight on Broadway, if anyone's potentially jealous of that. I almost went, but tix were $125. I don't like Hamlet that much.) Thurs.: We still have a slot or two open for the video booth if anyone wants to swing by first thing. We're booth 1746 (I didn't tell you that until now because I want only you loyal readers to show up at the booth. Actually, that's not true. I just forgot to do it until now and can't scroll up easily because my up arrow recently go broken by the woman who services our laptops. It's very frustrating). • I'm talking with the guys at TimeSight, including Charles Foley, for reasons that are not entirely clear. They invited me to come by. I asked what they wanted to talk about. They said, well, nothing specific. I said, alright, I'll come. See how slow ISC East seems? • Scott Schnell at VideoIQ to just chat a bit. He's been helpful in covering the video monitoring industry and I want to see how it's going. • Ari Erenthal, of B&H Camera, to argue about cameras on camera. I'm hoping this is going to be entertaining. • Jon Ecker from Peace of Mind Technologies, a Manhattan integrator. He says he might have swine flu, though, so this might not happen. (Seriously, is anyone staying away from New York because of the swine flu? It seems like shaking a bunch of hands in New York City might be a bad idea right now. Are we all going to switch to fist bumps as greetings? Can I get a consensus?) • James Rothstein at Tri-Ed mostly because I think of Tri-Ed as very New York and so I thought of him. • Kevin Englehardt, vice president of Diebold Security's enterprise division, to talk Diebold, though this is only theoretical at this point. I was supposed to have a Wednesday meeting, then he said he was coming Thursday (through a PR interpreter) and now I'm waiting to hear back on a time for Thursday. We'll see what happens. See, not that crazy packed. I might be able to get away with getting a little tipsy on Wednesday night and still be okay to get through my Thursday. I fly out at 10 p.m. or so. Let me know via the comments if there's anything you want me to investigate. I should have some time here and there to actually walk the show floor.