ISC West 2010 product news round-up

I intend to use this as a running log of the press releases I get sent surrounding ISC West. Many are embargoed until tomorrow, which makes no sense to me, but there are a few that have already come in, and I'll post pieces of them below. To my consternation, many of these releases still do not come with a web link, so I just have to cut and paste portions rather than direct you to the whole thing, because cutting and pasting the whole press release would be unwieldy, and, well, boring for the reader. I'm also leaving in all the bombast because it would be too exhausting to remove all of the superlatives and hyperbole. So, here goes: Avigilon now has a University and is feting its best resellers.
Las Vegas, Nevada (ISC West 2010) - March 23, 2010 - Avigilon, the performance and value leader in high definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance systems, today announced new channel support program elements that include Avigilon University, an online training and certification program, and the Value and Performance Leader Award program. The expanded channel training and support program will provide consultants and integrators with the tools needed to facilitate the convergence of HD video surveillance to the IP network and effectively design and install Avigilon HD surveillance systems to meet customer needs. ... Avigilon has also developed online tools for consultants and integrators to assess and calculate megapixel values and define application dimensions, compression technologies, and camera technologies. The online tools allow consultants and integrators to determine hybrid system requirements and bandwidth, storage, and processing needs to help in the design and deployment of customized HD surveillance systems.
Convergence to? I'd generally use the proposition "with" there, but, hey, Avigilon are Canadian. It's a different language up there. Smartvue launches S9
LAS VEGAS —March 23, 2010—At the International Security Conference in Las Vegas, Smartvue® ( today introduced S9, a revolutionary all-in-one wireless network video surveillance solution that supports Windows® and Apple® computers as well as most mobile platforms including iPhone®, iPad, Android and Blackberry®. ... The solution comes complete with high-resolution wireless H.264 network video cameras, wireless network video servers with up to 2TB of storage, and a peer-to-peer network video management platform called InsightServer that supports thousands of cameras through a single web interface on Windows or Apple. Smartvue S9 offers completely self-configuring cameras and servers to make system installation and remote management as simple as plug-and-play. Advanced 802.11N wireless is built into the S9 servers and cameras with WMM® and BroadRange™ as well as AES and WPA2 security to make long-range wireless easy, secure, and reliable, as well as significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs for most surveillance applications. ... Smartvue is dedicated to designing and creating environmentally responsible products and all Smartvue products are level IV Energy Star qualified and engineered to be compliant or exceed both the European RoHS and WEE directives in regards to hazardous materials and recycling. Pricing & Availability Smartvue S9 will be available in May for a suggested retail price of $1,999 (US) for the 20-camera 1TB 802.11N wireless network video server model, $2,299 (US) for the 2TB model, $599 (US) for the H.264 802.11N D1 resolution dual-streaming wireless network video camera and $699 (US) for the vandal resistant outdoor model with vari-focal zoom lens. InsightServer is free for the first user and $99 a year for additional users. Smartvue S9 will be sold in the US through Smartvue Authorized Resellers and SmartvueDirect™. International pricing and worldwide availability will be announced at a later date.
It's not often you see pricing in the product press releases. MorphoTrak launches new biometric access readers
Alexandria, VA, Monday March 22, 2010--MorphoTrak (Safran group) is pleased to present the MorphoAccess™ J-Series biometric access control readers at the 2010 ISC West Conference. The MorphoAccess™ J-Series, in addition to MorphoTrak’s full suite of access control and Time & Attendance products are being demonstrated this week at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in booth # 18109. The MorphoAccess™ J-Series fingerprint-based physical access control reader represents the ultimate combination of security, reliability, and aesthetics in a fully waterproof IP65 unit. This latest generation reader is packed with features such as; Wi-Fi connectivity, capacity for 500 to 3000 users, MIFARE® and DESFire® card readers. Also on display will be the MorphoAccess™ 500+ Series reader featuring an on-board capacity for 3,000 to 50,000 users, Wi-Fi capability, both MIFARE® and DESFire® card readers, as well as one, two, and three factor identification. This reader also comes in an IP-65 rated ruggedized version for outdoor use with optional fake finger detection and ability to withstand extreme temperatures -40o F to +122o F.
Fake finger detection is an option? I'd think that should come standard. Morse Watchmans has a bunch of new stuff (with links to PDFs - sorry, I was too lazy to take out all the title caps) Morse Watchmans Introduces New Addition To SmartKey® Locker Portfolio. Smaller Size Delivers Added Flexibility in Design Configurations. Morse Watchmans Debuts Enhanced KeyWatcher® System Features at ISC West. Morse Watchmans Rolls Out New Six-Module Horizontal Version to KeyWatcher® System. Unique Orientation Lends Flexibility to Installation Options. Morse Watchmans Demonstrates New Key Management Solutions. Upgraded Features and New Designs Highlight Innovative Product Lineup Additions Showcased at ISC West 2010. This linking to PDFs is a new trend in publicity. I don't understand why they don't just post to normal HTML web pages. At least then they'd benefit from search optimization, etc., and it would be much easier for people to cut and paste. Still, better than having no web presence at all, and the PDF is universally readable, that's for sure. American Fibertek has a bunch of new products that are hard for me to pay attention to because they're all named with numbers. But, I guess that's the way it goes in data transmission products.
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) is unveiling a host of new products to complement the company’s comprehensive line of fiber optic transmission solutions designed specifically for video surveillance and security applications here at ISC West 2010. Highlights include new video transceivers with features like 10-bit digital video transmission, integrated digital fiber optic and UTP transceivers, enhanced Ethernet transceivers, bi-directional communications, multi-channel capacity for video with data, Ethernet and audio with remote monitoring capabilities, as well as unique new contact closure systems that do not require any soldering. “System designs from AFI that utilize fiber optic infrastructure will deliver the fastest and most reliable performance at an affordable price.” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. “Building on our core competencies of fiber optic technologies, these new additions offer a greater variety of transmission tools that are essential for today’s advanced IP, analog and hybrid video surveillance and security installations.” New fiber optic transmission products introduced at ISC West 2010 include: 46 Series - 3 port mini switches for hardened Ethernet communications. Using the latest in Ethernet switching technology, these units provide reliable hardened communications over a network. Each switch supports two copper and one fiber connection. All connections operate at 10/100Mb/s and allow transmission of more than 2 Km on multimode fiber cable. Field modules are 12 VDC and the power supplies are shipped with each module. Units can be supplied as single or dual fiber units. 48 Series - 3 port mini switches for hardened Ethernet communications. Using the latest in Ethernet switching technology, these units provide reliable hardened communications over a network. Each switch supports two copper and one fiber connection. All connections operate at triple speed 10/100/1000Mb/s and are self configurable. Units can be single mode or multimode and can be supplied as single or dual fiber units. 49 Series - 4 port mini switches for hardened Ethernet communications. Using the latest in Ethernet switching technology, these units provide reliable hardened communications over a network. Each switch supports two copper and two fiber connection. All connections operate at triple speed 10/100/1000Mb/s and are self configurable. Units can be single mode or multimode and can be supplied as single or dual fiber units. These units are ideally suited for drop and insert or self-healing ring applications when integrated with the AFI Commander network communications center. 91P899 Series - transmits and receives simultaneous video, bidirectional audio and two bidirectional contact closure channels over 1 multimode or single mode optical fiber. The system is customized to provide both “plug & play” and a transparent interface with the Aiphone video/intercom security system. 484 Series transmits and receives one simultaneous channel of data up to 2 Mb/s over 1 or 2 multimode or single mode optical fibers. The system is comprised of two transceivers forming a point-to-point communications link. It is completely transparent to data protocol and can be configured as RS-485 (2 or 4 wire) or RS-422. 81/82SL Series 8 and 16 Channel Contact Closure Systems - available in single mode and multimode configurations, and are unique in that they do not require any soldering. The 81/82SL Series are compatible with AFI’s Afinety firmware-driven monitoring system to access the status of any AFI digital fiber optic system and the accompanying connected cameras using a standard web browser. 940 UTP 2 Series - transmits 8 channels of high-quality digitized video with 2 multimode or single mode optical fibers. The video input / output connections utilize RJ-45 connectors. The single fiber MT-940-UTP transmitters are also compatible with MRR-940-UTP-2F receivers and are completely transparent to all camera and monitor manufacturers. 986 UTP / 986 SL UTP Series - transmits 8 channels of high-quality digitized video with 1 channel of multi-protocol data and 1 bi-directional contact on one multimode or single mode optical fiber using WDM technology. The video input / output connections utilize RJ-45 connectors and are completely transparent to all camera and monitor manufacturers. 91600 Series Fiber Multi-Channel System - provides 16 channel input and output of 10 bit digitized video over one multimode fiber at a very low installed cost. Offers completely transparent operation with any manufacturers’ cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments at installation or thereafter. The units also feature diagnostic indicators to provide instant visual status indication and interface with AFI’s Afinety remote monitoring system. 91685 Series Fiber Multi-Channel System - provides 16 channel input and output of 10 bit digitized video over two channels of multi-protocol data on one multimode fiber at a very low installed cost. Offers completely transparent operation with any manufacturers’ cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments at installation or thereafter. The units also feature diagnostic indicators to provide instant visual status indication and interface with AFI’s Afinety remote monitoring system. 94887SL Series Multi-Channel Transceivers -feature 48 channels and transmit 10-bit digitized video with bi-directional Ethernet, multi-protocol data, bi-directional contact closures and bi-directional audio over a single mode optical fiber. The series offers completely transparent operation with any manufacturer's cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments. The 94887SL Series is also compatible with AFI’s Afinety remote monitoring system.
That's a lot of new stuff. I admit much of the coolness of the releases is over my head. Sorry about that. IVR and Windy City Wire are exclusive partners
Memphis, TN and Bolingbrook, IL (November 6, 2009) – IVR Controls, the leading provider of web-based applications for the video security and surveillance industry, today announced that Windy City Wire has signed an agreement to be their exclusive distribution partner throughout the United States. “We are ecstatic over our agreement with Windy City Wire” said IVR Controls president, Jeffery Vollmar. “As a high quality, value-added provider to the video marketplace, our partnership with Windy City Wire will make it much easier and faster for our nationwide network of dealers to purchase their equipment.” Vollmar continued with “both of our companies are focused on providing our customers with innovative products and services, coupled with outstanding support. This partnership is the perfect fit.” IVR Control’s web-based application allows dealers to drive top line sales revenue, as well as increase their recurring monthly revenue by providing a variety of benefits, management tools, and alert notifications. Windy City Wire CEO and Founder, Rich Galgano said, “IVR Controls has clearly established itself as a technology leader, and we are very excited to be working with the IVR team. Their vision is very clear and focused – provide a single application that allows dealers to install from two to 200 cameras that the customer finds easy to use.” John Callahan, Windy City Wire Product Manager of Technology said, “We were blown away by how fast these systems get installed. Their OVR units can handle dozens of cameras with no programming required by the dealer!”
Lord knows I like a good exclamation point! Dortronics has a new mantrap (dateline makes it seem like I'm letting the cat out of the bag, but I don't think I am)
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010)– Today at ISC West 2010, Dortronics Systems, Inc. is introducing their cost-effective new 4700 Series mantraps. This flexible, versatile solution provides users with lower TCO (total cost of ownership) without sacrificing quality. “At Dortronics we are committed to offering our clientele the most cost effective solutions,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Our 4700 Series PLC Mantraps ensure that customers do not have to compromise on quality while staying within a particular budget – a clear solution when purchasing high quality door controllers.” Offering secure interlock door control, the 4700 series provides one of the most economical solutions for small systems security. Suitable for air locks or security mantraps, with up to four normally unlocked doors or three normally locked doors, the PLC can be programmed at the factory to allow for only one door, in any defined area, to be unsecured at a time. A request for access at any normally locked door will inhibit the REX inputs for all other locked doors and secure all unlocked doors in the area. Simultaneous requests for access or requests for access while another door is unsecured are denied to maintain the highest level of control. The controller may also be customized to control automatic door openers and provide timing and logic sequences for biological wash-down controls. Any access control system can be used with the 4700 Series controllers. The request for access input recognizes any normally open dry contact. With integral 12/24 VDC power supply, the PLC is powered from the built-in 4 amp power supply which also provides 12 or 24 VDC to operate maglocks and/or strikes for each of the doors. Its heavy-duty power supply is ready for hook-up to a fire alarm system and an alarm output is also supplied for easy monitoring of the control system.
"Biological wash-down." That phrase gives me the creeps. Added 9:15 on Monday Verint expands Nextiva with some next generation edge devices
LAS VEGAS and MELVILLE, N.Y., March 23, 2010 — Verint® Systems Inc. today announced key additions to its Nextiva® IP Video portfolio with a new line of high-definition and H.264-enabled single- and multi-port edge devices. Combining exceptional performance with an outstanding feature set, the solutions are designed to help organizations establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures that are best-in-class. ... Among the current and upcoming additions to Verint’s expanded IP video portfolio are the following solutions: * Nextiva S1800e Single- and Dual-Port Encoders Featuring H.264 Technology Built on a decade of deploying over one million ports, the Nextiva S1800e single- and dual-port encoders are ideal for one- or two-camera implementations in distributed networks, in which excellent video quality, a compact design, and storage and bandwidth optimization are key. The S1800e single- and dual-port encoders couple superior video resolution up to three H.264 video streams 4CIF/30fps and storage on the edge—a failover mechanism that ensures video is recorded in case connection with the management software is lost. * Nextiva S1816e-SP 16-Port Video Encoder An addition to the S1800e multi-port product line, the Nextiva S1816e-SP is ideal for banking, retail and other video surveillance applications in which cost, storage and bandwidth optimization are key. The streamlined video encoder combines excellent image quality—up to 4CIF/15fps on every port—with the dramatically lower bitrate of H.264 video compression. Using the versatile, affordable Nextiva S1816e-SP, users can capture images from up to 16 cameras per encoder, with fewer processing, storage and bandwidth requirements (up to 50 percent over MPEG-4), and a significantly lower overall cost. * Nextiva HDR 1800 High-Definition Receiver Featuring H.264 Technology The Nextiva HDR 1800 video decoder/receiver combines excellent performance, high-definition technology and H.264 video decompression to enhance the functionality and versatility of Nextiva Virtual Matrix implementations. Ideal for video surveillance applications that call for high-definition video to be displayed at multiple locations, the HDR 1800 can display one to 16 high-resolution video tiles on a single digital wide-screen monitor, or a total of 18 video tiles on two monitors. * Nextiva S1801e-R Single-Port Decoders with H.264 & High-Definition Technology Nextiva S1801e-R single-port decoders incorporate advanced H.264 decompression technology to deliver superior quality and performance. The Nextiva S1801e-R compact decoders are designed for use with all Nextiva S1800e Series single- and multi-port encoders and support four to six H.264 video streams, displaying up to four tiles on traditional CCTV monitors and up to six tiles on high-definition LCD or plasma monitors. ... Verint is at the forefront of networked video technology with nearly two decades of experience delivering security intelligence solutions to government and industry worldwide. With the industry’s most comprehensive solution and service portfolio, the company is focused on helping its customers and partners realize the benefits of IP video to achieve strategic security goals. For a demonstration, or to learn more about the Nextiva IP Video portfolio, visit Verint at booth #25041 during ISC West 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 24-26.
Shout-out to Verint's Courtney Jaret, who put together this release but can't be at ISC West cuz she's all preggers. Hey, wait a second. Ari Erenthal's not here because he's preggers, too. Coincidence? Videx is going to have a drawing
Videx will be hosting a Free Drawing at the ISC West Conference and Expo in Las Vegas this week. A complete CyberLock Access Control Starter System will be given away to the lucky winner. Videx will be hosting a Free Drawing in their booth #17126 at ISC West. A complete CyberLock Access Control Starter System will be given away to a lucky winner the last day of the show. This is a great value to organizations that are searching for a powerful, yet affordable access control system. Be sure to stop by the Videx booth to learn more about CyberLock and enter to win.
Okay, normally I wouldn't have posted that, but, seriously, does anyone go to a booth because of the free drawings? Isn't that really the realm of consumer events? Maybe I'm wrong. VideoIQ delivers the dome, megapixel cameras you've been asking for No, seriously, I've actually heard people ask about these. Long-winded releases, maybe, but I think people will be interested.
VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, announced the availability of a family of iCVR dome cameras. iCVR dome cameras are the world’s only cameras with adaptive analytics, onboard Network Video Recorder (NVR) and an advanced Video Management System (VMS).
Brief aside. Are you noticing the grand statements yet? How many leaders can there be?
VideoIQ iCVR dome cameras build upon the success of VideoIQ’s iCVR box cameras and encoders, which have achieved rapid market adoption and industry award recognition. With up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard NVR storage within each camera, iCVR dome cameras eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage – reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources. Additionally, VideoIQ’s embedded, adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence at no additional cost. Finally, with an advanced, fully integrated VMS, VideoIQ delivers the simplest, most powerful video surveillance system on the market within each iCVR dome camera. ... VideoIQ Introduces iCVR–MP Intelligent Megapixel Dome Cameras VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, today introduced iCVR-MP, a family of iCVR megapixel dome cameras. iCVR-MP cameras are revolutionary devices that deliver full 1080p resolution and frame rate, zero bandwidth recording, full megapixel analytics and support for IQTrack™ - automatic digital PTZ zoom and track. The VideoIQ iCVR-MP megapixel cameras build upon the success of VideoIQ’s iCVR cameras and encoders, which have achieved rapid market adoption and industry award recognition. With up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard Network Video Recorder (NVR) storage within each camera, the iCVR-MP megapixel cameras eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage – reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources. Additionally, VideoIQ’s embedded, adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence at no additional cost. And with an advanced, fully integrated VMS, VideoIQ delivers the simplest, most powerful video surveillance system on the market within each iCVR-MP camera. Features of the VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras include: · Full 1080p/30 video. · Zero bandwidth megapixel recording. · Megapixel video analytics. · IQTrack™ viewing. VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras use unique VideoIQ intelligence to automatically identify, track and digitally zoom in on suspicious objects, delivering enhanced detail, while continuing to monitor and record the entire scene. This industry first enhances operator effectiveness by focusing attention on critical activity while maintaining the necessary scene context to appropriately respond to threats and investigate after the incident. · Open integration. VideoIQ iCVR products are integrated with leading video management systems, command and control integration platforms, and access control systems, enabled by VideoIQ’s open, standards based APIs and SDKs. The VideoIQ iCVR-MP Megapixel Camera family will be available in late summer 2010. VideoIQ Introduces iCST Streaming Cameras and Encoders VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, today introduced iCST streaming cameras and encoders. iCST streaming cameras and encoders are designed for use in environments with central storage and 3rd party video management systems. All feature VideoIQ’s award winning video analytics for the most accurate real-time threat detection. “VideoIQ is a Milestone Solutions Partner whose offerings are integrated with our XProtect™ open platform IP video management software,” said Eric Fullerton, CSMO at Milestone Systems. “When it comes to getting the most out of video surveillance, intelligence from such advanced analytics can make a significant difference, and HD megapixel technology expands the capabilities vastly.” VideoIQ iCST streaming cameras and encoders build upon the success of VideoIQ’s iCVR cameras and encoders, which have achieved rapid market adoption and industry award recognition. With VideoIQ’s embedded, adaptive analytics, iCST cameras and encoders automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection while reducing installation time, resources, complexity and cost. “VideoIQ is an OnSSI partner whose products are integrated with our Ocularis PSIM and Video Management Solutions,” said Jeff Knapp, Vice President of Marketing at OnSSI. “OnSSI is always interested in adding value to our end-users and the new VideoIQ line of iCST cameras and encoders deliver comprehensive analytics to our joint customers out of the box.” The VideoIQ iCST streaming cameras and encoders are available now, with the iCST-MP megapixel camera scheduled to be available in late summer, 2010.
Milestone, OnSSI - hey, where's Genetec? Aren't they the three VMS amigos? EDITED, 11 p.m., March 24 Arecont launches dual-mode camera that switches from 10 megapixel to 1080p
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – Arecont Vision, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, today introduces the world's first H.264 Dual Mode 10MP/1080p camera here at the ISC West conference. The innovative Dual Mode camera combines the resolution of a 10 megapixel camera and a full HD 1080p at 30fps camera into one camera system. The AV10005 Series, available in color, day/night and color auto-iris versions, are the latest additions to the industry's broadest line of megapixel cameras from Arecont Vision. ... This H.264 Dual Mode Camera offers 33 times the resolution compared to standard definition VGA cameras. It also provides the versatility to crop the field-of-view to any resolution (5MP, 3MP, etc.), select 4x3 or 16x9 (1080p HDTV) aspect ratio, and apply H.264 or MJPEG compression to best suit the application. The cameras also offer a binned mode that combines and averages pixels for better low-light performance, greater sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In 10MP mode, the AV10005 Camera provides 3648x2752 pixel resolution at 6 frames-per-second (fps). In 1080 mode, it provides Full HD1920x1080 at 30 frames per second. Users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom live with multiple zoom windows while recording the full field-of-view in 10 megapixel or full HD 1080p. Post event forensic zooming is also possible from archives to extract recorded details. Other Features include on-camera real-time motion detection with 64 detection zones, a programmable shutter speed to control motion blur and MoonLight™ mode for extended exposure and noise cancellation.
I can definitely say I haven't seen a camera like that. Pelco Introduces Sarix Thermal Imaging with H.264 Compression
Clovis, CA (March 23, 2010) – Pelco is pleased to introduce the Sarix Thermal camera product line, designed to provide customers with advanced network video security functionality in a high-performance thermal imaging product. It will be exhibited at ISC West 2010. ... The Sarix imaging platform offers an exceptional level of image quality with up to 640 x 480 resolution, 25-micron pixel size and H.264 compression. Compared to MPEG4 compression, H.264 offers much better compression and is more efficient for optimized video quality and minimal bandwidth consumption. ... Sarix Thermal cameras are compatible with both Pelco and third-party analytics. According to Scroggins, “Video security algorithms work exceptionally well with thermal imaging cameras. Sarix Thermal cameras have been designed with the ability to deploy advanced algorithms that can take advantage of the thermal data characteristics.” Like all Pelco Sarix imaging products, Sarix Thermal imaging cameras are based on an open architecture for easy integration into existing platforms. Sarix Thermal imaging cameras are compatible with all Pelco and third-party applications that currently integrate with Pelco Sarix-based fixed and PTZ products. The Sarix Thermal camera product line will be available later this year.
Thermal is definitely the new HD. Everybody's got to have it now. DVTel Releases Latitude Network Video Management System V6.0.2
New Release Supports Additional IP-Based Edge Devices. DVTel’s award winning Latitude NVMS® is an open standards, networked-based software platform that uses the latest technology advancements to create a system that replaces the antiquated CCTV matrix switch, multiplexer, and DVR and gives you the power of a cutting-edge IP-based physical security solution. Latitude NVMS V6.0.2 software supports over 300 different edge devices from Arecont, Axis, Bosch, Extreme CCTV, IQInvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Sight Logix, Sony, Verint and all the latest IP Cameras and Encoders from DVTel.
Short and sweet - I like it. RISCO gets UL listing for Industrial LuNAR
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – RISCO Group, Inc., a leading provider of integrated security systems, today announces the UL listing of their popular Industrial LuNAR™ addressable dual-technology ceiling-mount intrusion detector. Combining detection accuracy with false alarm immunity, the detector can be installed up to 28 feet high and is equipped with Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts. ... The Industrial LuNAR detector incorporates three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels for customized coverage, along with a microwave channel. Intelligent digital signal processing adjusts alarm threshold and pulse count verification to accommodate actual intruder behavior and environmental factors. A 360 degree coverage area emanates in a cone-shaped pattern from the Industrial LuNAR detector mounted on the ceiling to a 60-foot diameter, and lens positions are adjustable according to installation height; between 9 feet and 28 feet. Three tri-color light-emitting diodes (LEDs) make walk-testing easy, while remote microwave adjustment with either the RISCO Smart Bus or Remote programming tool enables one-man walk-testing without the need to climb a ladder.
This reduction of ladder climbing has been a common theme ever since I got into the security industry. What do people have against ladders? What will happen to the ladder makers!?! Samsung releases megapixel line
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance products combining superior performance and value, is featuring a new series of 1.3 megapixel HD network cameras here at ISC West. The megapixel cameras incorporate Samsung's WiseNet Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for superior megapixel image quality; the latest 1/3-inch CMOS imager for improved sensitivity and image quality; progressive scan technology for noiseless, high-quality capture of moving objects; and intelligent video analytics. The cameras also enable multi-stream encoding of H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG images simultaneously at various resolutions and frame rates, and support 16:9 HD (1280x720p) images at 30 frames-per-second with a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 (SXGA) at 22 fps. Conformance to Microsoft Silverlight also ensures compatibility with Microsoft and Apple platforms. ... Samsung's WiseNet DSP delivers superb image quality and incorporates Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) technology to increase the level of visible detail in dark areas while maintaining image clarity and detail in the brighter parts of an image. Samsung Super Noise Reduction III (SSNR) is third generation of noise reduction technology combining adaptive 2D and 3D filters for less noise and motion blur even in low light. HLC (Highlight Compensation) reverses bright spots in an image (such as headlights) to improve the overall detail. The new SNB-5000 is a 1.3 megapixel HD network box camera, and the SNB-5080 is a surface-mount dome camera with a built-in 2.8-10mm vari-focal mega lens. It offers in-ceiling surface mounting, surface mounting with side cabling, and wall, flush (SND-5080F) or pendant mounting. The SNV-5080 is an outdoor dome camera with an IP66-rated enclosure and a built-in fan/heater. The SND-5010 has a flat-dome design and a built-in 3mm fixed mega lens. The camera is also available in an IP66-rated weatherproof version (SNV-5010), which will be available in July of 2010. Samsung 1.3 megapixel HD network cameras provide clearer and crisper images in low light, with an IR Cut Filter that further boosts functionality in low light, automatic switching from Day (color) mode to Night (black-and-white) mode with a minimum illumination of only 0.3 lux at 50 IRE. Built-in intelligent video analytics identify items missing or appearing in a defined area or in the entire frame, virtual line crossings, entering or exiting a defined area, and scene change (tampering) detection. Interference in a camera's view, a manual change in the camera's angle, or removal or blockage of the camera can produce an alarm, which can trigger actions such as recording onto an SD memory card, sending an e-mail notification, notifying a video management system, or triggering an alarm output device. As a full member of the Open Network Video Interface Forum, Samsung HD Megapixel Cameras conform to ONVIF specifications. Bi-directional audio communication between the camera and monitoring sites uses G.711 audio compression format. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provides easy, cost-effective power to the camera without needing power outlets or separate electrical cabling. Ethernet and BNC connections enable streaming across an IP network or via existing analog/coax equipment. A built-in SD/SDHC card slot provides local recording and stores event recording with no external equipment.
They also had releases about a new analog line and a new DVR line, but I could only give them so much space. Panasonic releases all manner of stuff
Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – Panasonic System Networks Company of America has expanded its offering of system solutions for professional security applications beyond the company’s leading line of video surveillance systems. Recognizing the industry’s need for advanced telecommunications systems and the overall efficiency of video conferencing to supplement core security operations, Panasonic is displaying its innovative new IP PBX Communication System, Color Touchscreen IP Phone, HD Visual Communications System and Point-of-Sale (POS) Workstation alongside the company’s latest video surveillance introductions. ... Building on its industry-leading analog, IP and hybrid video surveillance solutions, Panasonic unveils new additions to its line of megapixel cameras, including the i-Pro WV-SP300 H.264 Series Megapixel Fixed Network Camera and the i-Pro WV-SF300 H.264 Series Megapixel Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera. Additional introductions include the WJ-GXE500 H.264 Encoder featuring Panasonic’s i-Pro Smart HD technology, and WV-ASM970 Video Management Software for advanced IP system control. Panasonic also debuts two new economical IP Network Camera/NVR Bundled Systems available with either four H.264 megapixel or digital IP network cameras. Business solutions on display include the new flexible and scalable HD Visual Communications System that represents a clear evolution in real-time distance collaboration. Also featured is Panasonic’s new KX-TDE600 IP-PBX Communications Platform that supports a range of analog, digital and IP telephony devices, and is scalable from 24 to 1100 employees. Additionally, the new KX-NT400 IP Network Telephone has a 5.7-inch color touchscreen and provides access to Panasonic network cameras and business applications via intranet connection. Panasonic is also displaying its POS Workstation with Virtual Site Manager software which allows users to view images from video surveillance cameras directly on the workstation’s screen, providing an integrated solution for drive-through operations and general area surveillance. “Technology alone is not the answer for today’s demanding challenges,” continued Mr. Taylor. “Our connection to our customers and reseller partners is essential to assure we offer the best solutions possible for customers’ present and future needs. Programs we’ve developed to engage and educate industry professionals play a vital role in this process and help ensure that Panasonic continues to deliver solutions that provide added value over time.”
I saw the booth today. They're not kidding. It's like a whole new company, with the introduction of the consumer and business technology to the security line. The teleconferencing is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Axis jumps into megapixel
ISC West 2010 – Las Vegas – Booth #18051 – March 24, 2010 – Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, today introduces at ISC West top-of-the-line, 5-megapixel fixed network cameras which also include HDTV 1080p performance, precise iris control (P-Iris) for optimal image clarity and H.264 compression. The indoor AXIS P1347 Network Camera and the outdoor-ready AXIS P1347-E Network Camera are suitable for installations that require extremely high image detail or coverage of a large area, such as airports, banks, retail stores and city surveillance. The cameras’ revolutionary P-Iris enables automatic and precise control of the iris position to optimize both depth of field and lens resolution for maximum image sharpness. The true day and night cameras deliver 5-megapixel resolution video at 12 frames per second. For additional versatility, 16:9, HDTV 1080p full frame rate video is also supported so security professionals can choose the resolution that best suits the specific surveillance application. “Megapixel and HDTV technology is changing the way surveillance managers use video for forensic evidence and business operations,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications Inc. “To reach the full benefit of a 5-megapixel camera, an advanced lens technology like P-Iris is required for providing extremely good images both for identification and defining distant objects in all light conditions.” To help minimize bandwidth and storage needs, the cameras provide digital pan/tilt/zoom and multi-view streaming, which enables several cropped view areas to be streamed simultaneously. These multiple, individually configurable video streams leverage H.264 and Motion JPEG compression. AXIS P1347/-E cameras are part of the successful AXIS P13 Series and will offer all of the same unique, easy installation features and sophisticated functionalities. These features include remote back focus for fine-tuning the camera’s focus from a network computer and the pixel counter, which helps verify that the pixel resolution of an object fulfills regulatory or customer requirements for identification purposes. Additionally, AXIS P1347 and AXIS P1347-E support Power over Ethernet, which simplifies installation further since only one cable is required for video and power. Other supported features include two-way audio, audio detection, active tampering alarm, input/output ports and a built-in SD/SDHC card slot for local storage of recordings. DC-iris lenses are also supported for backward compatibility. The IP66-rated AXIS P1347-E, which comes with a wall mount bracket, sunshield and Ethernet cable, is protected from dust, rain, snow and sun, and can operate in temperatures from -40 °F to 122 °F. AXIS P1347/-E Network Cameras are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) program as well as by AXIS Camera Station. AXIS P1347 will be available in June 2010 for an MSRP of $1499 USD and AXIS P1347-E in July 2010 for $1749. For photos and other resources, please visit and
They also had a number of other releases, but the final jump into megapixel seemed the most interesting. Aimetis Introduces Embedded Video Analytics People Counting Application
Aimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent IP video management software today announced the launch of the Aimetis People Counter, an embedded video analytics software application. The application will be available for use with several Axis Communications network products, including one of the most popular cameras, the AXIS P3301/-V Fixed Dome Network Camera. The Aimetis People Counter tracks the bi-directional flow of objects as they pass a user defined boundary. The application is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreation facilities, prisons, airports and other environments that require intelligent customer and operational insight despite constraints on budgets, bandwidth and IT infrastructure support. ... The embedded Aimetis People Counter executes video analysis and reporting directly on IP video edge devices, eliminating bandwidth and hardware required for sending video data to a central server. In addition, The Aimetis People Counter integrates easily with Video Management Software, such as Aimetis Symphonyâ„¢, to leverage meta-data and enhanced functionality. Aimetis People Counter will be available for purchase through distribution starting on April 15, 2010.
AgentVI is the only other company right now with something to port onto the Axis camera platform. Open Options releases the DController Intelligent Door Controller
Las Vegas, NV - March 24, 2010: Open Options, Inc. announces the release of the DController Intelligent Door Controller and DController X Extended Door Controller. The DController is part of the new line of edge products from Open Options that eliminates traditional wiring and connects directly to a user's network. The NSC-100 and all new NController are from the same line and were also released this year. Open Options created the DController to provide a compact, IP based solution that can quickly and easily add doors to systems using standard 10/100 network infrastructure. The DController X provides all the same features as the DController, but can also support up to 16 network door modules and supports traditional communication to Mercury Security's line of serial input/output boards.
Eliminating wiring is almost always a good thing.