ISC West Day 2: Security 5K, more PSIM and a lawsuit


The day started bright and early with a 3.1 mile run with 400 others in the second annual Security 5K. Nice weather, considering it’s the desert, and awesome energy at this event. And the event raised $92,000 for Mission 500, enough money to food, clothe and house for 240 kids for a year. How about that! This event gets bigger and better every year.

I’ve got lots to report from Day 1 and Day 2 of ISC West, including more PSIM- and PSIM-type news.

Honeywell called a press conference yesterday to announce a deal with Boeing where it will provide a PSIM-type solution to its HIS dealers—the Honeywell’s 160 certified Pro-Watch dealers. Honeywell is going to integrate Boeing’s “VSOC”—Boeing’s PSIM—with its security and building management platform. Honeywell’s Scott Harkins said Honeywell likes the 3-D and geospatial information provided by the Boeing solution, and said this deal will help its certified systems integrator (HIS) dealers expand into more complex jobs and provide more customized solutions to their customers. Honeywell has previously announced integration capabilities with Allerton and Notifier (both Honeywell companies) and it has more underway, he said.

I also spoke to ADT’s John Kenning and Proximex’s Jack Smith about the acquisition of Proximex, announced on Monday by ADT, which Kenning said is part of ADT Commercial’s evolution and “stated goal becoming a leader in the managed services space. Of particular interest to me was a discussion about how ADT will own, but not operate Proximex. “Proximex will remain agnostic and independent.” Kenning and Smith both emphasized that “the proper firewalls will be put in place” to ensure that there’s no channel conflict. “Competitive information will not be passed back to our ADT sales organization. That’s Jack and my credibility at stake...We’re not going to do that.”

I had a number of other interesting meetings—details later—including a great meeting with Dave Fowler and Kelly Fiedler of Vidsys, where they gave me their take on all the talk of PSIM at the show: (PSIM-Light, PSIM-Like and other variations on the PSIM theme.) 

OK, there was no press conference on this announcement, but there were some off-the-record chatting about Object Video suing Bosch, Sony Samsung over alleged patent infringement on OV’s analytics.

OV announced the lawsuit, which it filed in the U.S. District Court of Reston, Va Reston, on April 7.

The suit names “Robert Bosch GmbH; Bosch Security Systems, Inc.; Samsung Group; Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.; Samsung Techwin America; Sony Corporation; and Sony Electronics, Inc.”

From the announcement: “The complaint seeks damages as well as injunctive relief against the defendants for the sale of products that contain software features and functions which infringe certain ObjectVideo patents.
‘With the strong increase of video analytics offerings over the past few years, we've seen a similar increase in the number of companies using ObjectVideo's patented technologies without paying for them,’ said Bill Marino, chief intellectual property officer for ObjectVideo. ‘We need to ensure our existing IP and software partners are not unfairly disadvantaged in the marketplace by competitors whose products use the same or similar functionality to innovations that are ours.’
World-class research and development, dating from early 1998 when ObjectVideo was founded, has resulted in the company's seminal video analytics patent portfolio. To date, ObjectVideo holds 37 United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and International patents, along with 46 USPTO and International patents pending, all in the field of computer vision.”

I’ve got request for comments into Bosch, Sony and Samsung and will let you know what I find out.