The ISC West schedule

I'll be offline Monday getting to Vegas, then will try to post as much as I can each night after the show (and the cocktail parties, and dinner, and maybe a little gambling - is blogging under the influence any sort of crime, or just a bad idea?). That said, here's how my days are shaping up. If there's anyone I'm meeting with you'd like some information on, ping me now and I'll make sure I get it. Tuesday: Going all day to the Honeywell CSS seminar, where integrators are given a preview of the Honeywell line and presentations are made on bettering your business. I'll also be stopping by the PSIA developers meeting (where I'm promised I'll see some "toys"). I may also swing by this weird event where Steve Hunt, Dan Dunkel, and Ray Bernard are all sitting at tables in Margaritaville sipping New Zealand wine provided by Gallagher, who's being very aggressive in their entry to the North American market. Then I finish up with dinner with Ionit somewhere in the Venetian. Wednesday: Day starts with the DSC press conference, where they'll be unveiling "Product X." I'm interested. Then I've got meetings with: HID (in our booth, 1129, ssnTVnews filming) Milestone (in our booth, ssnTVnews filming) ObjectVideo (in our booth, ssnTVnews filming) Brivo Bosch (a lunch thing) Siemens GVI Security | Samsung Ingersoll Rand Milestone (in their booth) Sanyo TimeSight Then I head to a SIA event, where they unveil new research describing the size and scope of the market. Then I might head to Tao for the Dedicated Micros party. But I might be too exhausted for that and just catch some dinner and do some gambling (ahem), I mean blogging. Thursday: I start today with an Assa Abloy breakfast where they unveil new products for about 100 integrators. Then I meet with these companies: Integrated Biometrics Lenel Supercircuits Verint Ooh, is anyone else going to the Meet the Press event in Room 1002? Rhianna Daniels and Martha Entwistle will be sitting on a panel with a whole bunch of other editor types. I'll be heckling from the crowd. Then these companies: OnSSI Altronix Nice Panasonic Bosch (in our booth for ssnTVnews) UTC (in our booth for ssnTVnews) Entrance Controls (in our booth for ssnTVnews) AVerMedia (in our booth for ssnTVnews) Then I'm thinking of swinging by the Alarm Funding Associates party. After that, I'm thinking Social House. I love that place. Finally, I'm finishing up Thursday night in the Treasure Island bar (right in the middle of the casino) at 10 p.m., where we'll be having a little get-together. SHOW UP. I'll totally buy you a drink (all drink promises subject to availability). Or Rhianna will. Or we'll play some roulette. Whatever. Friday: I've got a meeting at 9 with some venture capitalist guys who want to get into the market and think I know what I'm talking about. That's kind of some pressure there, no? Like, if I give them bad advice they could lose a bunch of dosh? But, then again, they've got the money to lose, I guess. Then I see Westec and ioimage, before I actually have exactly one hour reserved for just walking the floor. One hour! But I figure it will be deserted on Friday. Almost everyone I've asked to meet with has said they'll only be there Wed. and Thurs. Friday could be a total ghost town. Anyway, I finish the show up with more ssnTVnews filming: Arecont (Scott Schafer) Keyscan Cisco And then I have one final half hour where I'm hoping to get some lingering integrator attendees on camera. Hopefully I can pull some people off the floor. Let me know if you want a piece of the 2:30 to 3 p.m. slot. Finally, I take the red-eye out on Friday night. I'm hoping to have enough money left over to gamble until I have to catch a cab to the airport. If I'm broke I'll have to sit by the pool or something.


Sam, Sam, Sam You always have an invite to Pelco Booth 14041 at ISC West 2009. Yoe are meeting with my ex-boss, Scott, you should meet my new Boss, Jim Brannan and our new Sr. Sales guy, Cliff Holtz. We do have a Press Conference at 1:30 PM in our booth on Wednesday that you should have received an invitation to. If nothing else go visit our Wi Fi area near the entrance to the Venetian and learn about BOSS 5.0. Regards, Joe O.

We'll have someone at the press conference, Joe. It just won't be me.

When you meet with Sanyo, ask them if the last company to make quality, innovative, quality priced analog product really wants to go out of business. Also, ask them if anybody at their company ahs ever heard of this whole "marketing" thing. Letting potential customers actually know about your new product is such a crazy idea, it just might work!

Yes, I am aware of the existance of Pelco (because of ther marketing efforts!) but not all my customers have Pelco money.

I can say that I checked out Sanyo's booth and it's bigger than I thought it would be. Maybe they're sinking all their marketing cash into ISC West!

Ooh, good strategy.