IT security webinar worth checking out

I have no affiliation with this webinar, but I have spoken to Carl Herberger, the presenter, and I can verify that he's one grade A, hard-core nerd who really understands where IT and physical security come together. You can read some of our conversation here, but the basic idea is that he works for EvolveIP, a company that's looking for security integrators to team up with and help navigate the worlds of online authentication, hardening of networks, etc., that may not come naturally to your traditional security integrator. Here are the topics he'll be covering: * Pandemic Continuity Planning * Readdressing Malware Variants * Addressing Social Networking and Web 2.0 Threats * Re-architecting the Technical Security Perimeter * Incident Response/”Get to the Bottom of It” * Unmanaged Mobile Devices * Growth of Social Engineering Techniques * Cryptographic Key Management * Virtual Machine (VM) Security * The Ability to “Prove” Appropriate Levels of Deployed Security It's at 11 a.m. on March 16 (the page says "Thursday," but I'm pretty sure it's happening on the 16th because that's what the calendar picture indicates - kind of an ugly typo there...) and it might be worth your while.