It's like getting really expensive legal advice on how to get into the next big RMR generator for only $99

You won't want to miss SSN's upcoming PERS webinar, taking place through the magic of the Internet on April 8 at 1 p.m. EST. Where else can you have a cybernetic "sit down" with industry legal expert Eric Pritchard and learn all about the legal ins and outs of building an exciting new line of RMR through a growing market? Where else can you get valuable knowledge, have your questions answered and learn how to start making more money? I've been following the PERS since I started at Security Systems News almost two years ago. At the time, I didn't know SIA from SIAC or CSAA from NBFAA... I mean, ESA. When I wrote my first PERS story--a PERS prose chestnut on a partnership between Eastern Distributing and SafetyCare-- people were beginning to talk about PERS as an exciting and untapped new market into which a typical security guy could pretty easily migrate. That story had some hopeful financial news from Nick Scarane EVP at Eastern Distributing:
"[SafetyCare's] focus is on the PERS part of the business," he said. "This is a product that over the next five or six years is going to be an extremely large growth market. We wanted a partner with a central station that is focusing primarily on that channel, and not being all over the place ... This partnership adds another channel of RMR to the residential market. SafetyCare is a great tool to help dealers close sales."
I've written all kinds of stories on PERS legislation, and industry standbys like SafetyCare, and PERS newcomers with innovations like Vaica Medical and Medical Alarm Concepts. I've written stories about Acadian and American Two-Way and Visonic, and Bay Alarm Medical and GE... I've written a LOT of PERS stories. I'm sure I've forgotten to mention a lot of them by name, but you get the picture. If you've been thinking about making some more money... and who hasn't, now may be the time to check out how to get into PERS. Register today for SSN's PERS webinar and expand your possibilities.