Johns Brothers: On the ball

I had never heard of Johns Brothers Security until they contacted me last week about sponsoring a youth baseball tournament, but, then, I guess that's the point. Sure, you sponsor these things because you like baseball and kids and whatnot, but really the point is to raise your profile a bit. I'm surprised more companies don't do things like this, and I don't mean the Brink's, er, Broadviews, and the ADTs of the world. I fairly rarely see security companies sponsoring these kinds of feel-good community efforts, even though they're pretty much no brainers: security companies keep people safe, and what's more important to community building than everyone feeling safe? Good for Johns Brothers, but it seems like we should have been paying way more attention to them anyway. They've got a really nice web site, for one thing, so they're on board with marketing in the Web era, but they've also been around since 1892, apparently, so it's not like they're a start-up. If you're doing things like this, send me the information. Maybe not a story for the paper, but good information to have on hand nonetheless.