Judge: No sprinklers, no insurance payout


Here’s a good argument in favor of fire sprinklers that I saw posted recently on the National Fire Sprinkler Association web site: “A judge has decided that the owners of a southern Indiana concert hall destroyed in an arson fire aren't owed any insurance money because they didn't properly maintain the sprinkler system. Brown County Judge Judith Stewart ruled that the insurance company had no obligation to pay for the $3 million fire.”

According to a television news story earlier this month, the judge’s ruling concerned the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Ind.

The story by WRTV Indianapolis Channel 6, said that “the Herald-Times of Bloomington reported the concert hall had received a nearly $10,500 insurance payment in 2006 to repair frozen pipes, but instead disconnected pipes to the sprinkler system.”

I recently wrote a story about the city of Chattanooga, Tenn. voting to require nightclub owners install sprinklers for safety reasons. This Indiana story underscores that in addition to installing sprinklers, making sure they’re properly serviced and maintained also is key.