Keeping your resi customers


Protect America, a DIY company out of Texas, has created a new service for its customers: easy access to a database with information about crime stats and sexual predators in their local area. Here’s some background on Protect America from a story I wrote this winter.

And here are some details from the press release:

Protect America launched a new and free crime statistics report and sexual predator alert service on its web site – all in an effort to raise community awareness and provide parents with necessary information to keep their families safe.

Protect America created this service on its web site using FBI data to show local crime statistics for all 50 states and most major towns and cities within each state. The site not only provides criminal information but also uses a formula giving cities and states a letter grade of A through F for their overall crime rate and gives grades for each crime category, ranging from aggravated assault to larceny.

In addition to the crime stats, the site also offers maps of local areas and locations for sexual offenders that live or work nearby. Users can learn more about offenders by navigating through the map, which displays pictures of offenders, along with additional information, including the nature of the offenses committed.

Protect America CEO Thad Paschall said he added this feature to his company’s web site as a free community service tool to raise awareness for parents. “I’m a father and I think, as a parent, it’s important to know if the community where I live is really safe. As the CEO of a security company, I’m aware of these statistics and sharing this information can only raise the awareness of the community as a whole,” said Paschall.

Protect America’s web site provides this free information, and offers another free service that allows parents to sign up for “Sexual Predator Alerts” by simply logging on to and signing up for email alerts anytime a sexual predator moves into their area or anytime a new sexual predator is required to register in their area.

The press release goes on to talk about Protect America’s offerings and includes testimonials from customers.

Smart and simple, and some effective PR for Protect America.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard of a resi company offering these kinds of auxilliary services, but I expect we’ll see more smart companies doing this.

At ISC West, I spoke to Kristen Simmons, an entreprenuer who’s in the process of launching LiveSmart Security. One of her goals is to become a safety and security resource for her customers. It’s not something she expects to make money on, but she expects that customers will pay her back with their loyalty to her company.

Click here to see a video interview I did with Kristen at ISC West.