A killer, ADT, and lots of lawyers

What a way to start a week. Yesterday was a glorious fall day in Maine, and a holiday for us here at SSN. But look what my editor sends to me this morning! It's story from Minnesota and it is downright chilling. Click here if you dare. First there's the scary killer. There's a picture of him. He murdered two people back in 2007. It's scary story for ADT, because it appears that a federal judge has said ADT may be partly liable for this guy's murders because their security system was faulty. It's also scary for readers who like to understand what they're reading. I do believe it contains the most turgid, tortured, legalese that I've read in a long time, maybe ever. It is from some lawyerly journal, but still... A Judge Turnhiem is saying things like:
Judge John Tunheim disagreed, finding that ADT’s interpretation of the law would likely eviscerate the negligent security claim.
And someone else says:
"He doesn’t believe the Legislature intended to lump intentional torts into the comparative-fault calculus.
Stop. please stop! I'll be looking into this story further, but not before I get a lot more coffee.