A kinder, gentler Johnson Controls

Have you seen this new Johnson Controls logo? It looks like it was designed by the elves of Lothlorien. And I consider that a compliment. If they're going to work this enviro theme, they might as well have a warm and gentle logo that makes people think they're the green type right away. I mean, look at this old logo. What were they selling, Slinkies? I think more and more companies and municipalities are going to be attracted to Johnson Controls' holistic approach to building management, which encompasses everythign from HVAC to security. It's a pretty easy sell when you guarantee by contract that your client will be able to pay for new security systems with the money saved on energy costs. I'd link to the full story, but JC uses a frame set I can't link directly to, so here's the first paragraph of the deal they made with a city and county in Montana: The City of Laurel has recently completed, and Flathead County has recently begun making infrastructure improvements enabled by energy savings performance contracts with Johnson Controls, Inc. These projects benefit both businesses and residents by saving the city and county more than 25 percent of their existing energy budget. Johnson makes them think they're saving money, but really they're spending more money with Johnson Controls. Brilliant. Oh, and it's good for the earth and all that, too. Sweet.