Ksenia’s right: Grey’s Anatomy finale was a joke!


Yes, this sounds silly, but bully for Firetide’s Ksenia Coffman for blogging about how ridiculous the Grey’s Anatomy season finale was, and what a mockery it made of the security industry.

I was watching and screaming at the TV in similar fashion (my wife is a fan and I’ve been sucked in - you don’t want to know the amount of time I wasted in college watching soap operas). Ksenia sums it up pretty well, but here’s the jist in case you don’t feel like clicking through: Shooter walks into a hospital, has free reign of all areas without needing a pass-card or PIN to get anywhere, there’s no video surveillance, the chief of surgery doesn’t know what to do in case of an active shooter, there is no evident chief of security, etc., etc.

Why does it matter? Well, just as it’s dodgy when Cisco buys time on 24 to show of capabilities that are likely not real, it’s unfortunately true that the public gets much of their perceptions of security practice and ability from mainstream entertainment. When a show like CSI, which people think is striving for accuracy and gritty detail, zooms in a thousand times and gets a person’s identity from the reflection of a chrome bumper, that skews the perceptions of what’s possible and what end users could theoretically be tasked to execute.

And when Grey’s Anatomy, which people think strives for accuracy in its medical depictions (which are also a joke, by the way - my wife is an audiologist and the storyline about the woman with a hole in her head being schizophrenic was just as ridiculous as the security depiction), shows hospital security equipment and staff as woefully inadequate it colors the expectations of the people who will be entering and using hospitals all over the country.

If they don’t feel safe in the hospitals, if they make ridiculous requests because of feeling unsafe, that makes professionals’ jobs harder. So it’s great for people like Ksenia to get out in front of people and say, hey, that’s a bunch of crap.

Though if there’s anyone out there in the viewing audience who thought it made sense that SWAT could wing a guy with a high-caliber assault rifle but not be able to then subdue him? Well, I hope to sell them a bridge in Maine someday.