Let’s not get carried away…


I will begin this blog post by saying: I think George DeMarco is a great guy. Super friend of our paper. A humanitarian and someone who cares about both people and our industry. I also think the ESX show is a good idea. We’re sending three of our staff members to the event and two of us will be in speaking roles. I have no enmity nor bad feelings toward either ESX or George.

Everybody got that?


Holy smokes is today’s ESX Pick of the Week hilarious. I just got done reading it aloud in the office (if you were wondering if I was that annoying to work with? Yes I am). I’m all for being your own hype-man, but at what point does something go over the top?


Just imagine the anticipation in June, the ESX 2010 exhibitor hall will soon open.

Ah, yes. Let’s imagine. The anticipation preceding my entrance to an exhibit hall with 150 booths. Hmmm. I’m having trouble quantifying it, really.

How about we put our anticipation level on a scale of 1-10?

Let’s say it looks like this:

10 - Fifth Powerball number about to be read; you hit the first four

9 - Ultrasound’s happening, the doctor says, “You’re having a …”

8 - About to get married to high-school sweetheart

7 - Boarding a plane to Europe for first visit there ever

6 - Game 7 of a seven-game series with your favorite team is about to start

5 - Great meal at your favorite restaurant is about to come

4 - It’s 4:45. Work’s over at 5.

3 - About to unscrew cap to fifth bottle of PBR, and you’ve already got 3 kings

2 - Someone says, “knock, knock”

1- Waiting to see if sun will rise today

So, using that scale, where would you put “doors of ESX show floor about open”?

I’ll give you some time to think about that one…

I don’t want to prejudice you with my vote, so I’m putting in lots of returns…

Maybe a 2.5?

Let’s just say I can imagine the anticipation.

There’s other funny stuff in the pick of the week (150 booths=”priceless”? Really?), but I couldn’t really do it without being over-the-top mean.