Let's hear it for PERS and quick dispatcher action!

You know, there's a lot of news out there about false alarms and problems with the life safety industry. Lord knows (and you, for that matter, if you read my blog) I've written about problems caused by false alarms, and what some in the industry do to help combat the problem. I've also written about problems caused when PERS monitoring hasn't gone right. However, most times dispatchers for PERS and security systems do their jobs right, and the results are gratifying, with lives saved and property protected. I was going through my Google Alerts this morning and came across this story out of Pueblo, Colorado. While disheartening that someone--the perpetrator in this case, of course, was wearing all black--would attack, rob, attempt to murder (suffocation with a plastic bag) and then leave for dead this defenseless 94-year-old man, it makes me happy to read that the man was able to activate his Lifeline PERS system. The quick action of the dispatcher, who called the victim, Michael Lindvay, most likely saved the man's life. Upon receiving no answer at the victim's home, the Phillips Lifeline dispatcher immediately phoned emergency responders, who showed up quickly and brought Lindvay to the hospital where he's currently recovering. PPD has asked anyone with information on the attack or the cowardly perpetrator (apparently this guy didn't even have the gangsta-ish self-respect to actually break in--no, he asked if he could borrow a cup of sugar and then forced his way in when Lindvay turned away from the door to get the sugar and thereby by helpful) contact the Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-7867. Let's hear it for PERS, and let's hope they catch the guy who did this.


As someone who sells PERS system for a security company, it's always nice to hear about the successes. While it's important to address the shortcomings of the alarm industry so they can be fixed, it's equally important to acknowledge the benefit many people receive from having an alarm system (PERS or otherwise).

Well-put John. As a journalist covering the industry, my job unfortunately oftentimes finds me reporting on the failures and oversights. I much prefer to wave the flag of success when a story like this comes across my desk. I have a call out to the folks at Lifeline and I'm hopeful that they'll be able to put me in contact with the dispatcher who handled this call. I'd like to get their input on how it feels to know they helped save a life.

Thanks for the comment, John and keep up the good work.