Link round-up

I had a few minutes, so I wanted to point out a few semi-interesting things from around the web that came across my desk today: • I'm always interested in mainstream media representations of video surveillance, especially when they DON'T mention big brother. Here's a nice puff piece for the industry from Appleton, Wisc. Note the quote from Terry Kuehl, sales consultant for TECC Security Systems Inc. • Of course, video surveillance works both for and against the cops. This news report about cops getting caught on video surveillance playing Wii bowling while executing a search warrant was probably particularly embarrassing. • I found this video supplied by Schneider to promote the brand switch from TAC to be more than a little amusing in an awkward kind of way. But I'm always busting on security companies for not using videos, so I've got to give them their due for at least having a go at it. • I like this story about MotoLink, a GPS-tracking service, mostly because it reminds me how awesome Bermuda is. We should have TechSec in Bermuda. Stupid me.