Live from Aurora

I'm listening to John Strade, ADT director of training, lead a training program for new ADT dealers today in Aurora, Colo. He's talking now about hitting your numbers as a dealer, and how the right sales manager is key.Don't be tempted to hire the slick VP of sales, he just said now. And with hiring, especially for sales employees, can't underestimate the importance of background checks. One veteran husband and wide team from Scottsdale said they've seen some very bad stuff in background checks. What's the best day for a sales meeting? For door-knocking sales organizations it's every day. The daily "pep-rally" works well before sending sales people out to knock doors. The dealers in the room are from all over the country. There are dealers from Long Beach, Calif; Clarksesville, Tenn.; San Juan, P.R.; St. Louis, Mo.; Bartlett, Tenn.; Houston (a former resi sales manager for the ADT Houston branch, who’s decided to go out on his own, Columbia, S.C., Scottsdale, Ariz Long Island, Memphis, Tenn., and Evansville, Indiana (a former sub-dealer for Defender Direct—ADT’s largest dealer..) About half, according to Strade, use, or will use the door-knocking model. For some it will be a model they'll always use, for others it's just a good way to get a resi security business started. And speaking of door-knocking here's Strade talking about the brand, spanking new, ESA code of ethics. He handed out the code. They've all got to sign it, and they've all got to take a special course. More on that later. adt-event