Locksmiths, alarm installers dynamic duo


Saw this little article below in Locksmith Ledger magazine. Security professionals already are aware how developing a relationship with a locksmith can help enhance their business and vice versa, but it’s interesting to see the issue being discussed from a locksmith's point of view.

Here’s what the magazine had to say:

"Locksmiths looking to grow their businesses in a challenging economy might want to consider installing alarm systems. After all, security starts at home, and locksmiths have been securing premises, both commercial and residential, for decades (perhaps centuries) before electronic alarm systems existed.

It’s a natural progression for an alarm installer to point out to a client the value of good locks, or for a locksmith to point out the benefits of having an alarm system to every client with whom he comes into contact.

Alarm systems have been proven to be both a necessity for many people, and that a professionally installed alarm system deters crime.

Private security in the United States began in 1851, when Alan Pinkerton founded what would become the Pinkerton Detective Agency. By 2006 private security had grown to become a $150 billion per year industry.

The market for alarm systems, sold by the private security industry, is about $30 billion annually, growing at a compound annual rate of 7 [percent] to 8 percent."