The long-awaited ISC West video

With apologies for lighting, a camera-shake that's slightly disconcerting, and general tardiness, here, for your perusal, is my much-hyped video blog about the recent ISC West show in Las Vegas. Like you weren't there. This event didn't lend itself to video blogging in the way my recent Israel trip did, I'll admit. First, I was running around like a madman and didn't capture video of half the things I'd like to have shown you. Second, it's not like ISC West is all that visually appealing. Basically, it's a bunch of steel and plastic arranged in bright colors apparently meant to disorient you, like the rest of Vegas, so that you can never find your way out. If you click on the ISC West tag at the bottom of this post, you'll get the collection of my thoughts on this year's events, but if I had to recap with an elevator pitch, as I have to in the upcoming video, I'd say there were two major themes: 1. Everybody is on the IP bandwagon now. Even the knuckle-draggers. Any lingering doubt about the future of the industry seems to have been cast aside, and people agree that using the network as a backbone for a security system is a good idea. There are variations on how this idea is applied and to what degree, but no debate on whether the central premise is correct. 2. Partnership (or, as my boss pronounces the word, p-p-p-partnership) is the new industry buzzword, where every company wants to prove they work with every other company. One storage company announces 30 partners, the next announces 31. Why? Because proprietary is the new curse word in the industry. If you're partnering, you can't be proprietary, right? Well, pretty much, I guess. Anyway, on to the video. It is what it is: And I know you readers have some kind of comment phobia, which I'm okay with, but this is your chance to weigh in on ISC West and tell me if you didn't get the same impressions. You just click on that word there, "comments," and then you make a comment. It's pretty easy. You can even be anonymous if you're worried those criticisms of ISC West might land you in Reed Exhibitions jail so that you find yourself against the back wall next year. We were already on the back wall, so I don't have much to worry about.


[...] It’s not like I didn’t have the blog at last ISC West. [...]