A look ahead from Panasonic's J.M. Allain

I'm working on a story about how the 15,000 announced layoffs at Panasonic will affect their security division. Thus far, it looks like it won't affect it much at all. As a teaser, though, here's J.M. Allain answering the following question: Me: What is Panasonic’s opinion of the North American security marketplace? Will it grow in 2009? Will Panasonic security grow in 2009? Allain: The North American Security market should remain relatively strong throughout 2009. The majority of major projects slated for completion during the course of 2009 were put into motion prior to the economic conditions that prevailed in the fourth quarter of 2008. Although we do anticipate there will be budget reductions that will affect system expansion plans for existing installations, we remain cautiously optimistic that security will remain a priority across the private and public sectors. We anticipate growth for Panasonic System Solutions as a result of new product introductions we will be making throughout the course of the year that promise to deliver both enhanced value and performance – exactly what our customers’ are demanding during these tough economic times as accountability for all expenditures will be measured more closely than ever.