Look for the union label on your facial recognition system


Certain biometric manufacturers have a friend in the union up North, according to a news item I saw in a SIA update yesterday.

The update said that a union representing Canada Border Services Agency employees "wants more intensive screening of travelers, including a biometric face-recognition tool to pinpoint security threats and wanted criminals. And it’s pushing for an end to closures and reduced hours at land-border crossings.”

According to the update "The article stated that the union would like to have a system in place that would match faces of travelers entering the country with images stored in a database. The hope is by having this capability, border workers would be able to 'zero in on security threats, criminal fugitives and fraudulent immigration cases.'”

Any manufacturers you know do that?

The update also said  the union want "to use biometric measures on people exiting the country to potentially catch wanted criminals or those with deportation warrants. As the CTV website article stated, “The Canada-U.S. declaration envisions such a system, saying the countries will work toward the exchange of information such that ‘documented entry into one country serves to verify exit from the other country.’”