Lotsa dealers in Denver

Hello from Denver, where, to clarify, I am not getting ready to go skiing. Nope. On my agenda today is a trip to ADT's central monitoring station in nearby Aurora to attend a dealer training program. They've got a bunch of new dealers going through the training today, more than 20 I hear. I think it's an interesting time to choose to become an ADT dealer. Don't you? Wouldn't you might want to see how the ADT/Broadview deal shakes out over the next month (the deal is set to close next month) before jumping on board? Well, I'll get a chance to ask the new dealers about that, among other stuff this morning. I'll also be talking with John Strade, ADT's director of training. I'll also tour the monitoring station, attend some training for monitoring station staffers, and talk to the station's executive director, Craig Sparkman. I'll be interested to see how it compares to Broadview's Dallas monitoring station, which I toured three years ago.