Lovin' the Hawaii sun

If there's one thing the CSAA knows how to do, it's pick a spot for the annual meeting. Last year, I couldn't quite make it to Rome, but CSAA educational chair John Lombardi, who owns CIA Security in New York, invited me to speak on a panel focusing on the central station of the future, and it was mighty hard to turn down a trip to Hawaii (though I did grouse about the long plane ride quite a bit around the office). Turns out, the plane ride was, indeed, terrible - 10 hours from Newark to Honolulu with an hour-long flight on the front and back end, from Portland and to Kona, respectively. But the reward sure is nice. The Fairmont Orchid is a first-class resort, where you can swim with the turtles and spend a seriously excellent afternoon watching the Red Sox win game 7 of the ALCS. Monday, the events start and I'll give you a few more details. Aloha.