LPR comes to Maine, natives get scared

It's so exciting when new technology makes it all the way up here to Maine! Now that we have the Internet (it's been here at least a couple weeks now), new stuff is flooding in. The latest news comes by way of our local newscast (we've had TV for at least 10 years now - it's still very exciting), where we're told locals are upset with the South Portland Police Department's use of license plate recognition. I'll let you watch (it will be entertaining especially for those of you who live in large cities): Oooooh, technology - it's so scaaaarryy... The cops reach out, try to show everyone what the software can and can't do, and what does their supportive legislator do? Seeks to ban it without even taking a good look at it. Do you know where State Senator Dennis Damon lives? A place called Trenton, Maine. Here are some stats about Trenton, Maine: Population: 1,370 Racial make-up: 95.69 percent white Miles from South Portland, where they do actually have crime: 167 But definitely Mr. Damon should be involved in telling the South Portland police how to do their jobs. That completely makes sense. He does understand, I hope, that the cops could simply type all of those license plates into their computer manually and check to see if they're stolen or belong to people with suspended licenses who shouldn't be driving, but this makes their lives easier. Is Mr. Damon in favor or people with suspended licenses driving around? Of stolen cars remaining stolen? What exactly is Mr. Damon worried about? That the cops will take note of his car in front of the porn store (not that there is one in South Portland, but let's just say for the sake of argument) and then broadcast that to the public at large? Does he really think that's what cops spend their days doing? Or that he wouldn't have an awesome lawsuit with which to slap them and make enough money to buy all of Trenton? Anyway, make sure to click through the link as well as just watch the video here, the comments are more than a little brilliant (in the sense of the word that means "horrifying").