Mace CSSS goes Five Diamond


mace5dJust got a press release announcing the newest member of the CSAA Five Diamond club. Congrats to Mace CSSS. I’ve written plenty about the Five Diamond process and have even undergone some of the training required of operators at Five Diamond centrals. I’ve got my certificate and patch hanging on my wall!

There are approximately 2,700 U.S.-based central stations that interact with the law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, less than five percent have achieved Five Diamond status. In order to be certified Five Diamond all operators at the applying central have to pass the course, as well as demonstrate: proficiency in alarm verification, which helps reduce false alarms; proficiency in communications with the Public Service Answering Points, such as the Emergency 911 centers; knowledge of electronic communications equipment, including radio; an understanding of the codes and standards of such organizations as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, the National Fire Protection Association and others; proficiency in the area of emergency preparedness under a wide scenario of possibilities. Central station managers interested in undergoing the certification process can learn more about it here and demo the operator Level 1 training course for free here.

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CSAA director of marketing and communications Celia Besore has said Five Diamond companies have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of responsibility to their local community and their customers through the investment of time, money and commitment to 100 percent quality operator training. “Whether a small company or a large one, these [Five Diamond] companies are committed to being engaged and active. We believe their engagement exposes them to the best ideas in the industry and makes them better each day,” Besore said.

Mace CSSS VP & GM Morgan Hertel was proud of the progress the central has made in the last couple years. “We have invested heavily this last year in technology, people, and programs to make us the frontrunners in the wholesale monitoring industry,” Hertel said in a statement.

Located in Anaheim, Calif., Mace CSSS. is a national UL listed central station that monitors approximately 40,000 end user accounts on behalf of approximately 300 dealer clients. Mace CSSS, Inc. also provides high quality nationwide video monitoring services, including CCTV, IP and other configurations.