Mace's end of year slide-show

Why do I love public companies? Because they're forced to air their dirty laundry, of course. For those interested, here's Mace's end of year slide-show, which they presented at their annual shareholder's meeting. People who've been following the company closely (i.e., reading all the stories we publish about them), won't see anything too shocking and new, but there's some interesting stuff. For example, it's got to be embarrassing to write, "lost $2.3M in Ponzi scheme investment by past management." But I guess that's small change compared to the Madoff fiasco. Also, it's a sign of the times that Mace is trumpeting a 25 percent headcount reduction. It's like public companies get bonus points for laying people off nowadays. Are investors that dumb that they think all cost reduction is healthy? As some point, someone's got to actually do some work to make your company grow, and creative and innovation aren't exactly fostered in an environment where everyone is out straight (as we say here in Maine) and no one has a minute for idle thought. And am I the only one getting the wife a pink Mace pepper gun for Christmas? I don't think so. The central station stuff is pretty interesting, too. They've been very active in adopting a lot of cutting edge technology, and I think it's just another indication of the hot trend (Bill Polk calls it "white hot") that Mace says "most inquiries are video monitoring related." The agreement with Sabrafence is new to me, too. But I guess the big news is that Mace is currently "working on three deal." What/who will they buy?