Mainers go nationwide

I was determined to find a good YouTube video for today, since it's Friday and everyone likes a little mid-afternoon video on Friday, and I just couldn't resist showing a little love to a Maine company, Guardcom, that's trying to go national with a wireless alarm system that's self-installed. Here's the video pitch: More than a few things strike me here. First, I've got to think false alarms are a nightmare with this service, as not only are they just using simple motion detectors, but it sounds like they're not using enhanced call verification ("We'll call you to let you know the police have been dispatched!") and arming and disarming via keyfob is great in theory, but I bet anyone with kids knows that keyfobs are meant to be played with. Still, this goes to show you the type of high-margin alarm company you can put together with products from Honeywell and (check out the remote arm/disarm demonstration here - it's kind of cool). Think about it: You've got no installation staff, no outside service calls, and you can third-party the monitoring. So, essentially, all you'd need is a warehouse in nowhere Maine and a couple people to take orders and ship out systems, plus a marketing budget. Seems like a good business model to me.