Maximum Impact Award winners have… well… maximum impact



Okay, I can’t really say I just got this news… I’ve actually been sitting on it for a few weeks. Things have actually been kind of busy around here with another source book in the works and our annual 20 under 40 list coming together. But I did want to take a minute and take a look at the Maximum Impact Award winners. Now, if you’re an avid reader of SSN (and who ISN’T?), you know my editor Sam already posted the winners in his blog in a timely fashion a few weeks back. However, I wanted to take a look at the winners I’ve talked with before and look at the products and services I’ve written about. Turns out I’ve written a lot about these guys and their innovations. Some of them, I haven’t but I hope to in the future. It’s nice to look at some of the stuff I’ve written about and see it recognized. Congrats to all the winners.

From an ESX press release:

The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) awarded its Maximum Impact Award Recipients on their largest exhibit show floor ever.

Their Maximum Impact Awards program is the first and only awards program to critically examine the business impact of a product or service as the foremost criterion for praise. The awards recognize both

new and recently introduced products in a wide variety of electronic security product and service categories.

So let’s take a look at the winners.

Paxton Access won for the LCD Graphics Reader in the Access Control/ID Systems: Card Readers Category. Our latest source book, mentioned above, is all about access control. There’s a lot of new technology and change coming to that market.

DICE picked up a prize for their Mobile Service Management with Signature Capture in the Accessories and Aids: Dealer Company Software Category. Way to go, DICE! I talk with them often.

Paxton again took home a prize, this one for the PoE Access Control Power Supply in the Accessories and Aids: Power Supplies and Batteries Category.

System Sensor won for the InnovairFlex Watertight Duct Smoke Detectors in the Alarm Equipment Fire/Smoke/Gas Detectors Category. I have not written about System Sensor, since they’re not in my beat, but my colleague, Martha has.

Telular–a company I’ve written about before–took home a prize for the Telguard TG-1 Express in the Alarm Equipment: Alarm Signal Transmission Equipment Category. I wrote about the TG-11 in 08.

Our friends at Videofied won an award for the XV Videofied Panel in the Alarm Equipment: Enhanced Video Alarm Category. I’ve written extensively about enhanced alarms recently. Keith’s been tirelessly advocating verification of alarms for a while now.

Digital Monitoring Products took a prize for the XTL Wireless Burglary Control Panel in the Alarm Equipment: Intrusion Alarm Control Panels Category.

Videofied took another award for its MotionViewer - MultiMode in the Alarm Equipment: Intrusion Sensors/Detectors Category. Good for the MotionViewer Man. He works hard.

LogicMark took a prize for the LifeSentry in the Alarm Equipment: PERS Hardware Category. I’ve spoken with Mark Gottlieb before and met up with him again at ESX.

Honeywell Security won an award for the LYNX Plus in the Alarm Equipment: Wireless Alarm Systems category. I wrote a story about the LYNX Plus earlier this year.

Bold Technologies took a prize for the PBXAssistant in the Central Station Equipment: Central Station Software Category. I’ve done some writing about Bold this past year, as well.

UTC Global Security Products won an award for the Two-Way Talking Touch Screen for the Residential Custom Electronics: Home Automation Systems Category. I’ve not written about UTC yet (except for our top five stories of 2009 wrap up), but I certainly have covered the convergence of home automation and security. Lots of opportunity there, according to some.

NuVo Technologies won a MIA for its Renovia in the Residential Custom Electronics: Multi-Room Audio Systems Category. Not really something I cover here at SSN.

And Intertek took a prize for the Alarm System Certification Program in the Services: Dealer Marketing Services Category. I just met with Tom Connaughton and Jeff Baum of Intertek to discuss their long struggle to get Intertek recognized as an official certifying NRTL by the security industry. CSAA just recognized them at this year’s ESX.

SedonaOffice won a MIA for SageQuest in the Services: GPS/Mobile Tracking Category. I’ve not talked with SedonaOffice yet, but have covered GPS/Mobile tracking solutions over the past few years.

Next Level Security Systems took the prize for NLSS Gateway Micro in the Services: Integrated Security Solutions Category.

Crest Electronics won an award for ID Medics in the Services Specialized Central Station Services Category .

Axis Communications took a prize for the Q1910-E (Thermal) in the Video Surveillance: Cameras Category.

DVTel was lauded for the Intelligent Security Operations Center (iCOS) V6 in the Video Surveillance: Video Surveillance System Category. I just wrote about some new developments at DVTel.

Additionally, the overall winner, earning the 2011 Best Maximum Impact Award, was presented to Next Level Security Systems for the NLSS Gateway Micro. Congrats to the folks over at Next Level.

Next year’s ESX will be in Charlotte, N.C. I hope to see everyone there.