Maybe the best press release ever

This came into my email box today. I'm pretty happy about it. Dear Boss, Please check our new product information and waiting for your reply. Thank you, keep in touch and have a nice day. Our products also have some advanced features: Simultaneous MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG Two-way Audio with Built-in Microphone Mobile Phone Streaming Live Video through 3GPP/ISMA RTSP Built-in Multi-window Motion Detection James Sung Okay, there are a bunch of product descriptions, too, that I cut out. Boring. I mean, "No way! Your camera has superior low-light performance?!? Wow. And a 1/3" Sony CCD?!? It's like I've been searching for you all my life, but no camera maker could ever fulfill my every dream the way you can. Let's get married." Products don't matter. It's the form of address that counts. If you start out your email with "Dear Boss," it's just about a guarantee I'll read through it. Other greetings you might try: "Hey Champ"; "How's it hanging, Big Guy"; and, maybe if you're of the opposite sex, "Dear Sweet-Cheeks." Those are almost certain to get my attention. On a serious note, how on God's green earth are integrators and end users supposed to make heads or tails of all these camera manufacturers? And how do all these camera manufacturers all turn a profit? The mark-up on those things must be amazing.