Maybe the Omni-Cam's not so new?

I thought professor Keigo Iizuka's technology, whereby you can focus on the near and far simultaneously, was pretty cool. Hence the story we put up today. But no sooner did the story go up than I got an email from Golden State Instruments saying they can already do that with their "Smart Focus" line. I'm still looking into it, but what do you think of this product demonstration? It looks pretty good, but I wish the side-by-side comparison was a little larger, and they gave us some more video to judge by. Also, I think they could use a little music in the background or something, but I guess this isn't being judged for its entertainment value. Anybody know this company or tried its Smart Focus stuff in the field?


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From looking at GSI's website (, it appears that they are simply re-labeling equipment from Asia.

And, yes, there are a couple of companies our there claiming to do wider range focusing. One main problem historically is that the cameras require more light / have lower F-stops.

Big meh. Sanyo had this three years ago, except they called it Pan Focus. Their literature even used the same exact image of the family in the airport with lots of bokeh!

For those of you not familiar with the photography term bokeh: