Maybe there WILL only be one card someday

So, HID already teamed with Dell to make it so one card gets me in the door and on the network. Cool. But not nearly as cool as that same card being my debit card. That's REALLY cool. For some reason, HID put out a press release with a bunch of hot links all throughout it, but didn't actually post the link on their web site, so I can't link to it, but here's the news:
IRVINE, Calif., May 28, 2009 – HID Global, the trusted worldwide leader in providing solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced that its iCLASS®secure contactless technology for physical and logical access control has been successfully combined with INSIDE Contactless’ MicroPass®contactless payment platform featuring Visa®payWave capability to enable the industry’s first converged card solution that incorporates identity and access control with payment. Recently debuted in a pilot for U.S. Bank, the converged solution enables U.S. Bank and Visa issuers worldwide to create new card programs using this converged solution, providing users with a single card that offers them the ability to gain access to secure buildings and facilities and make purchases. No longer are users required to carry multiple cards or tokens.
Let me summarize that for you, in case you didn't make it all the way through the 57-word first sentence: HID can now make it so one card lets you get in the door, get on the network, and buy groceries. Cool. (Okay, so it's not really your debit card, per se, but it's close to that.) If I worked in a place that had any access control whatsoever or actually gave a crap at all about network access privileges, I would be all over that! I have to actually leave some of my cards at home because they don't all fit in my wallet. If you can make it so I have fewer cards, you are my new best friend. Gosh I wish some of my cards were access card thingees so that I could then take advantage of this new cool capability on the part of HID and have fewer cards. Dang crime-free Maine! I think it goes without saying that this is a killer app for college campuses, where mommy and daddy are constantly refilling the account that goes along with the ID card kids use for getting stuff at the dining hall and vending machines and the laundry. Now that card can be both a picture ID and the only way into the dorm and the only way to get onto the school network/log on to their school provided laptop? Seems like a no brainer. Maine will do something like this with our driver's licenses in 2055, but they'll expect us to be impressed that not only is it an ID card, but it's also great for scraping the ice off your windshield AND removing annoying sap deposits on your hood. How's THAT for convergence?!?