Maybe they're hiring?

A new integrator has popped up in Playa del Carmen, to serve the burgeoning real estate market along the Mexican Riviera. Seems like maybe that's good work if you can get it. “Many foreign investors and homeowners have to date not been too concerned about protecting their properties with security systems due to feeling safe within gated communities with private security guards” says Advanced Security Systems founder and owner Anthony Spadaro. “These measures have however not been successful in preventing homes from being burglarized and many home owners are now looking to find alternative solutions to protect their properties” Mr. Spadaro continues. Okay, so maybe Spadaro and ASS aren't so up on their comma use, but I like their business plan. As the American market cools, and Mexican/Central American/South American currency becomes more valuable, south of the border is going to start looking increasingly attractive. Despite Mexico's economy being tied so closely to the United States, the peso recently recorded two-year highs and the Mexican government is actually selling off dollars. Check out the latest Brink's earnings report. Notice why they posted such a nice bump? Operating profit for the first quarter increased 51% to $97.3 million from $64.3 million in the same quarter a year before, mainly due to strong profit growth at the company's Latin American operations and Brink's Home Security. First, that ain't a bad operating margin, earning $97.3 million on $920 million in revenue, but, second, am I the only one surprised to see the company's Latin American operations being mentioned in the earnings report? There's opportunity there.