Miss Manners weighs in on tailgating

Yes, people, the tailgating problem has not only hit the mainstream, but has been definitively addressed by Miss Manners, so a security director can now emphasize not only security, but politeness as well, in trying to get people to card through doors one by one, etc. Miss Manners even gives some handy advice for how employees should address other people trying to get into the building/restricted area: Turn around to face the other person, rather than walking away in front of the closing door. Draw your eyebrows together, open your mouth slightly, and hold out your hands helplessly. Then shake your head sadly. Clearly, this should be posted as part of a nicely made plaque next to all restricted doorways. Don't fret, though, integrators - the tailgating solutions you're selling are unlikely to become obsolete. My experience with American society tells me very few people actually listen to Miss Manners.