Mission:Impossible fans rob Best Buy

I know I'm supposed to be on the side of the security guys, but sometimes you just have to admire a set of thieves (this is why crime movies are so popular, I'm guessing). Check out these guys who robbed a Best Buy in Jersey by rappelling through a hole in the roof:
They didn’t appear on store security cameras. They cut a hole in the roof and came in at a spot where the cameras were obscured by advertising banners.
So, pretty clearly, they knew the security system inside and out, just like Tom Cruise knew all about that security system that protected the NOC list in the first Mission:Impossible. Don't touch the floor! Not even a bead of sweat! So, that leaves us with two possibilities: 1. They were employed by the Best Buy (or some other Best Buy); 2. They cased the joint extensively and nobody noticed. Seems like you'd be able to catch the guys either way. However, there's one indication they may be too smart for the authorities:
Police believe that’s how some brazen bandits managed to swipe 20 Apple notebooks early this morning at a Best Buy on Route 1 in South Brunswick without detection.
That's right: They stole only Macs. Clearly, we're dealing with highly intelligent crooks here. Even some guy named John Harris, who's "an expert in security who has consulted on thousands of burglaries," agrees with me:
"I would say they were a professional crew," said Harris, who is based in Atlanta, Ga., but does work throughout the nation. "At least I’ve never dealt with anything like this. From time to time, people break in, but not usually through the roof."
You heard Harris: It's an unprecedented level of sophistication. I mean, they came through the roof! Clearly, Harris needs to watch more Mission:Impossible movies.


LOL. I installed an alarm and CCTV system in a supermarket once. A crew broke into the bookstore next door, broke through the cinderblock wall on the second floor into the bakery department's kitchen, where they were hidden from the camera by a Hobart mixer that had been oh so conveniently moved from a wall for the biannual cleaning-behind-all-the-big-machines (the motion detector didn't go off due to the big pile of flour bags stacked in the corner). They then cut a three foot square hole in the floor and carefully dropped into the closet in the manager's office where cash was stored in shopping bags.

Officially, about $8,500 was taken, although I have reason to believe it was more, as I heard rumors that the money hadn't been counted properly, and who stores loose uncounted cash in shopping bags unless it's to facilitate tax avoision (it wasn't evaded, it was just avoided). Besides, I wouldn't want to tell the kind of crew required to pull this kind of thing off that they're walking away with $943 a piece.

The owners ended up firing almost every single employee, including a mass firing of about 40% of the staff the morning after the robbery.

You really just have to admire that kind of ingenuity, especially since there had been a pattern of unexplainable false alarms for a month before the incident (probably employees deliberatly screwing with the wires to train the local cops not to respond to the supermarket until all other calls in their sector was handled).