Mobotix in Atlanta


I’m in Atlanta today for the Mobotix East Coast partner conference, and we have a full day of presentations lined up. I wrote about Mobotix earlier this year when it announced it opened a new demo center in Manhattan. During that interview Steve Gorski—a veteran of Axis who joined Mobotix a year ago to raise the company’s profile in the Americas—told me what differentiates Mobotix,  is its “decentralized approach” where the image processing takes place in the camera itself instead of on a central PC.

Storage can also be done on the camera. The PC is used for viewing and controlling the camera and not for analysis or recording,” Gorski said. “And the bottom line is that means [the cameras] use less bandwidth, fewer servers or less costly servers, and because it’s megapixel, you need fewer cameras. Mobotix has its own VMS software with no licensing fee. However, he notes Mobotix is “good friends with the OnSSI, Milestone and other VMS platforms” and works well with their software.  Read more from that interview here.

From the looks of the reception last night, Mobotix has a pretty good showing here in Atlanta nine days before ISC West. There were about 100 non-Mobotix attendees at the reception and they’re expecting 150 during the program today and tomorrow.

They’re still working on launching their new channel partner program, which they’d hoped to kick off at ISC West. That kick off is likely to happen sometime after the ISC West, Gorski said.  And the company will have a big presence at ISC West. I remember meeting with Peter McKee at a small booth at ISC East three or four years ago. This year at West, Mobotix is going to have one of those 50-foot booths up front, I learned last night.

On the agenda for the day—which thankfully did not start at 7 a.m  as some agendas do—is the following:

Mobotix Welcome & Introduction Peter McKee - Global Marketing Director

Steve Gorski - General Manager Americas

10.00 am MOBOTIX Keynote Presentation Dr. Ralf Hinkel - CEO and Founder of MOBOTIX

11.15 am Facts & Figures Lutz Coelen - CFO of MOBOTIX

12.00 pm MxExpo Overview

MOBOTIX partners demonstrating MOBOTIX solutions

Steve Gorski - General Manager Americas

12.30 pm Lunch & Opening of MxExpo

1.30 pm MOBOTIX Features & Functions

MOBOTIX Hardware & Software

Examples & Latest Developments

Jörg Steuerwald - Project Manager

2.30 pm MOBOTIX USA Challenges & Potential Steve Gorski - General Manager Americas

3.00 pm Introduction to Case Studies Steve Gorski - General Manager Americas

3.15 pm Partner Case Study Presentations (Part 1)

3.45 pm Coffee Break & MxExpo

4.00 pm Partner Case Study Presentations (Part 2)

Here’s some more background on the company from my interview with Gorski:

Headquartered in Langmeil, Germany, Mobotix was founded in 1999 by CEO Ralf Hinkel. The company has 276 employees, and global sales of EUR 53.8 million ($73 million) in FY 09/10 (which ended June 30, 2010), a 20-percent increase over the previous year, according to the company.  Gorski said that IMSResearch ranks Mobotix first in global market share for megapixel cameras. In the EMEA region, IMS says Mobotix is second in terms of market share for IP cameras, he said.

With about 11 employees in North America, Mobotix has had a quiet presence here since the early 2000s. Gorski, who formerly worked for Axis Communications, was brought on last year to raise the company’s profile in North America.

IMS ranks Mobotix 10th in terms of market share in North America, Gorski said. He believes Mobotix can move to number five within a couple years. “The group of folks in the five- to 10 [ranked spots] are only separated by a few percentage points.” And, he said, Mobotix is growing fast. In the first quarter of Mobotix’ FY 2010 (July-September 2010) Mobotix sales in North America were 50 percent higher than in the same period last