More on Chertoff (this time with video)

Just so you see what I mean in my last post, here's Chertoff on Meet the Press: Please note that David Gregory asks the question, "What went wrong?," and Chertoff answers (and I'll paraphrase): Two things: 1. was there a failure, not to connect the dots, but to understand the significance, and 2. There were scanners in Amsterdam that were not used. Why? The EU has banned them because of privacy issues, and I think that needs to be revisited. That's an awful lot of emphasis to place on body scanners. At this point, he could have said, "you know, I work with Rapiscan, who makes these devices, and I've seen first hand how effective they are. In fact, I've been a proponent of them since 2005." However, he chooses, clearly, not to disclose his financial relationship with the company. So, Gregory takes it upon himself to raise the fact that he's a consultant for a company that makes these devices because, clearly, he reads the news and doesn't want to look like he's getting played. I'm not saying Chertoff is evil or anything, but security just shouldn't be smarmy. It should be as transparent as possible. Chertoff certainly isn't contributing to that right now.