More conflicting news on the home security/home automation front


I spoke with Tom Kerber of Parks Associates this morning about a survey the company recently did that showed that telecoms and cablecos are making big gains in the home automation industry. 

When I was at ISC West and ESX a few months ago, I spoke to a number of companies who told me that home automation is a giant opportunity for traditional resi dealers to up-sell—and basically stay alive in this ever-increasing competitive market. Those companies are moving forward.

Millenials—they're everywhere!—are the biggest buyers of home automation products, according to a report from Icontrol.

Then I read reports from the likes of Argus Insights about how consumers are already, and I paraphrase, fed up with home automation. That party is over, Argus said.

Meanwhile, Kerber at Parks Associates says that a greater number of traditional dealers need to get into home automation. I can’t think of one company I’ve spoken to over the past few months who isn’t offering these services. Who isn’t? 

What's the deal?