More executive moves

Yesterday, we had news of a Mace CEO coming. Today it's news of a Dedicated Micros CEO going. That's right, Alan Calegari is moving from president and CEO to "non-executive chairman." I don't have a link, but here's the succinct release: DEDICATED MICROS INC. ANNOUNCES CHANGE OF ROLE FOR PRESIDENT AND CEO What's with all the headline yelling lately? Simply capitalizing the first letter of each words isn't enough for people anymore? Chantilly, Va., August 1, 2008 - Dedicated Micros Inc. - part of AD Group - announces that, as of July 1, 2008, its President and CEO, Dr. Alan E. Calegari, has transitioned to a new role as Non-Executive Chairman, providing strategic support to the Executive Team. They really rushed that news out, huh? “We are very grateful to Dr. Calegari for his significant contribution to Dedicated Micros,” said Nigel Petrie, AD Group Chairman. “In this new role he will continue to provide strategic support to the Dedicated Micros Executive Team in the Americas.” I guess they did get two years out of the guy. That's more than Siemens got. Mark Provinsal assumes the role of Executive VP and leader of the DM Inc.’s Executive Team in addition to his role as VP Strategic Marketing and Product Strategy. Provinsal provides the leadership and point of contact for all executive matters until such time as a new President and CEO is appointed. That seems like a lot of jobs for Mark. I guessing he won't be spending much time with the family in the near term. It will be interesting to see who ends up with the top job. I'm thinking they just promote Mark in the end, but maybe not. Hard to say.