More on HDCCTV

So, like savoir faire, HDCCTV is everywhere. I haven't really seen a ton of information that's not in the story I wrote, but here are a couple of posts that offer a little more background or a different way of explaining it, and maybe have more links that I was too lazy to put out there. John Honovich's take is that there still isn't actual product to test and use, and that it's going to take a big push by the major manufacturer's to derail the current IP camera growth and takeover of the market. I think this is going to be the conventional wisdom for the time being: wait and see. Steven Titch interviewed all the same guys I did, but went a little longer form. If you can't get enough of this, it's worth reading. I even had a guy from the EE|Times call me to get some background on it. (They ended up talking to Honovich instead because I was too scattered to call the guy back, since he was on west coast time and I kept remembering to call him at 10 a.m. Eastern, and, then, well, I forgot by the later part of the day when it would appropriate to call him.) Network World wrote about it, too, actually breaking the embargo they requested. Why they would bother to break the embargo with a one-source story that doesn't tell you anything more than a press release, I'm not sure. And, well, actually, that's pretty much it. I think there's something at securityinfowatch, too, but it didn't come up in google and I'm not going to go look for it. So maybe it's not EVERYWHERE, but more people are talking about it than normally talk about stuff in the security industry. We'll see how the actual installers and integrators react. If they push their vendors to get on board, that's where the difference will come.