More on IP over powerline

Okay, judging by the stats on stories you're reading, you want to know more about this IP-over-powerline business that VisualGate has going on. Well, you're in luck, as I've collected some resources for you here: This is a very basic primer, and is consumer focused, but isn't a bad introduction to the concept, which can seem too good to be true, I'll admit. This Wikipedia entry is more informative and technical, and talks about all the different ways we'll be using powerlines to communicate in the future. Good stuff. From what I can tell, Telkonet is the leader in the market in general, more often called "Broadband-over-powerline" than "IP-over-powerline." Actually, the concept is new enough that people can't even agree on whether it's "power line" or "powerline." We need some standards development around here, clearly. It's so new, actually, that DirecTV seems to have announced the first actual consumer service. There is a difference, however, between what DirecTV is doing and what VisualGate is doing, and that's important to remember. DirecTV, and soon many others, provides the broadband access to the building. VisualGate, and maybe others soon, creates the internal network in the building. If any of you have experience with this technology, please do post a comment.