More manufacturer workforce trimming

The effects of the economy continue to be felt in the security industry. Today comes word (right in my back yard) of workforce trimming at the GE Security plant in Pittsfield, Maine.
GE Security in Pittsfield is cutting its workforce, likely by more than one-third. About 430 people work at the plant. Just before the end of the first shift Wednesday, company officials called workers together to tell them the news: due to a drop in sales, they have to cut jobs. They asked first for a voluntary reduction, offering severance packages with benefits. Company spokesperson Michelle May tells TV-5 the number of jobs that will be cut depends on how many people take the voluntary package. But, she says it's likely more than 100 people will permanently lose their jobs. Some workers at the plant were already on month-long furloughs.
Obviously, this is a very small portion of the GE Security workforce, and companies have to do what they have to do to stay profitable (or avoid losses) in bad economic times, but these are the kinds of layoffs that really hurt a community because, I can assure you, there's really not much else going on in Pittsfield, Maine. It's pretty close to the middle of nowhere:

View Larger Map We need to do some serious bootstrap-pulling, and quick.