More on the stimulus

I continue to be wary of people who think the stimulus package is going to be a boon for security. Here's another article talking about how ports are likely to use the money. Security isn't what they're concerned about:
The American Association of Port Authorities says more than 200 projects are available for funding to the tune of about $8.5 billion. Projects range from a $100 million lock replacement in the Soo locks to dock wall reconstruction for the Ports of Indiana and numerous dredging and channel maintenance projects around the county.
"Ports got a push after 9/11 with port security, but the transportation infrastructure component has really been given short shrift," he said. "There are people on the Hill and in the administration that understand both domestic and international trade is what really helps propel the economy, and if we're going to nurture that business, we've got to make sure the transportation connections are efficient."
Security will be a part of this stimulus, but when they say infrastructure, they mean infrastructure. There's going to be a lot of concrete poured and steel bent because of this stimulus package, but maybe not as much wire pulled and cameras installed as the industry might have hoped.